We live in an era where food is no longer just about taste, it has to be appealing to the eye as well. And of all meals, breakfast food is perhaps the most photogenic.

By now, if you are fancy food lover, you have undoubtedly learned how to make a perfect avocado rose—or at least attempted it. But have you ever made a kiwi flower? You can now. 

As it turns out, this one is actually much easier to pull off, and here's how. 

Step 1: 

Select a good kiwi fruit. The fruit should be on the firmer side. Mushy kiwis will not make pretty flowers.

Washing and drying is recommended because you will be placing the finished product in your breakfast bowl. I used a green kiwi but golden kiwis are fabulous too. 

sweet, chocolate
Weichen Yan

Step 2:

Make an incision in the middle (lengthwise) of the fruit, at an angle less than 45 degrees. Insert the knife to about halfway through the fruit.  

sweet, breadfruit
Weichen Yan

Step 3:

Make another incision, this time at an angle pointing in the opposite direction, joining with the previous incision. 

sweet, bread, coffee
Weichen Yan

Step 4:

Repeat steps two and three until you've made it all the way around the fruit. 

Weichen Yan

Step 5:

Start pulling the fruit apart. It should come apart easily.

sweet, egg
Weichen Yan

And that's it! You've just made your first kiwi rose.

vegetable, sweet
Weichen Yan