Kiwis are brilliant for many things: they are a super source of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, and dietary fiber. They are also great for storage. If you put them in the fridge they can last at least four months, which is longer than your average teenage romance, and pretty damn impressive.

However, if you need your kiwis in a hurry, things may not be so great. It can take quite a while for the stubborn little fruits to ripen, and can really test your patience sometimes.

One solution is to be less invested in kiwis, and move onto some other easier to ripen fruit (I’m looking at you, bananas).

But why settle for that when you can so easily achieve kiwi-flavoured greatness? With a few quick, easy tricks, you can have your kiwi and eat it too. So if you’re kiwi obsessed (hey, there are stranger things) read on for tips on how to speed up the ripening process.

1. Put them somewhere warm


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I know, it sounds obvious, but a good way to kick-start the ripening process is by putting your kiwis somewhere warm. At the very least they should be out of the fridge and at room temperature, but why stop there?

Keep them in a warmer part of your house, like a windowsill. Just make sure to cover them, because you don’t want them to be left in direct sunlight (kiwis don’t like too much sun).

2. Cover them with a paper bag


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Ah, the classic paper bag cover. Simply put your kiwi in a paper bag, and throw in an apple or banana alongside it. These are major ethylene producers – the chemical which help fruits to ripen – so wrapping your kiwi in an environment full of it will speed up the ripening process.

You may be thinking I’ll just use a plastic bag. Don’t use a plastic bag. It doesn’t have enough ventilation, and your kiwis will not thank you. But what if I don’t have a paper bagyou say. Well, if you don’t have a paper bag, maybe you could try…

3. A tub of rice


Photo by Kendra Valkema

No, really. This sounds bizarre, but it’s used for pretty similar reasons to the paper bag technique. If you get a container of rice and bury your kiwis in it, this helps trap in the ethylene the kiwis produce, making them ripen all the quicker.

You can still use the rice after doing this, just don’t forget you put your kiwis in there!

4. Microwave them for a few seconds


Photo by Leanna Smith

This last option is a little like the first one, in that it’s all about heat. It’s more of an additional step than a stand-alone ripening solution, but it really does go a long way in speeding things up.

Simply put your kiwi in the microwave on medium power for about 15 seconds, and then transfer it to the paper bag with other fruits as explained before.