Want something warm, yummy, and nutritious? Then you have got to try this immune-boosting soup. It is the perfect meal for any cloudy, draining day. Not only will it take amateur-level chef skills and taste delicious, it will also bulk up your immune system to push through the rest of this semester. Let's go through the ingredients to truly see they power they have.


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Kristine Mahan

This potent spice has even been shown to prevent heart attacks, diabetes, AND cancer. Most of these benefits are accredited to turmeric's powerful antioxidants and ability to fight inflammation- a true super hero.


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Kristine Mahan

 Garlic isn't just for fighting off vampires, it also helps fight off illness by increasing T-cells which attack viruses. One study found that doses of garlic can reduce your number of sick days by 61%. Garlic can also help your long term health by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and preventing Alzheimer's.  

Bok Choy

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Kristine Mahan

This soup also contains bok choy which is high in Vitamin A and C that both help to boost the immune system. In addition to these nutrients, selenium in this super food stimulates the production of T-cells.


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Helena Lin

Lastly, kale is full of iron, vitamins, and antioxidants- so basically its plain magic. The iron in kale helps with proper cell growth and transporting oxygen to your body. These antioxidants counteract the damage of free radicals in your body.

Okay I am done with the nutrition lesson, now let's get to business. Here is the recipe for this all-curing (no promises) immune-boosting soup—try it yourself.