If you haven’t hopped on the avocado bandwagon yet, seriously what have you been doing with your life?

Avocados hold a special place in our hearts. They are the fruit of all fruits. Not only are they jam-packed with essential vitamins and minerals, but they are versatile beyond your wildest imagination. Avocados and all their glory have expanded from beyond the plate, and made their way onto our clothes, our faces, and even into our cups.

There really is a place for avocados in your life every single day. All of the benefits are too long to list, so here are some of our favorites:

The Nutrients


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Avocados are a nutrient powerhouse.

Vitamins K, C, E, and B 5 and 6 are all plentiful in avocados. These are essential for our overall health and wellness, inside and out. One a day may actually keep the doctor away.

Not to mention, it’s the most delectable way to get your daily fruit serving in when you’re all appled-out from this extra-basic Fall.

The Fats

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I know that 77% of the calories in the avocados coming from fats sounds like a lot, but don’t fret.

The fats in avocados are Monounsaturated- much like the fats found in heart-healthy foods such as olive, peanut, and sesame oil.

Even if you don’t really know (or care) what that means, just know that it means you’re doing yourself and your body a service, so go ahead and crack open your third avo of the day (No one’s watching).

The Color


Photo courtesy of Becca Holstein

Bright green avocado meat will make any salad, sandwich, or snack plate the star of the table.

An extra hit of saturation, a bump up on the brightness, and a some moderate contrast and BAM. You’re guaranteed Australian-bikini-model-level likes on that one.

The Apparel


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Avocados don’t just make cute meals- they make cute clothes, too.

This #trendy fruit has led to some #trendier shirts, socks, and even backpacks. Broaden your wardrobe as well as your diet.

Your funky-teeshirt-loving teachers will definitely toss you some EC points when they catch a glimpse of the avocado socks (#Spoontip: Teachers love fun socks. That’s not a tip, it’s a fact. Trust me).

The Brownies


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As if the gooey, chocolatey, melty goodness of brownies wasn’t perfect enough already, now you can add avocados to it.

Multiply the greatness of avocado by the perfection of brownies, raise it to the power of how many you can fit in your mouth at once, and what does that equal? Don’t make me do math. It’s fucking amazing okay.

The Exfoliants


Photo courtesy of Youngbrokeandhungry.com

Little known fact: ground up avocado pits can be mixed into any homemade face mask or cream for an added exfoliate.

Some mask recipes are as simple as an avocado and honey. Your skin will be as smooth as a baby avocado’s bottom.

#Spoontip: Store the pit with lemon juice to prevent spoiling.

The Hair Masks


Photo courtesy of Backtotheroots.com

Avocados don’t just go in your mouth and on your face, they go in your hair, too!

Any avocado hair mask recipe is guaranteed to make your mane as luscious and sexual as morning avocado toast. Wow. Nothing beats it.

The Ice Cream

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Yes, you did read that correctly- Avocado ice cream is a thing, and a great one at that. Lactose intolerant ice cream lovers rejoice! Yet another dairy-free option for your poor, unpasteurized souls.

The Alcoholic Avocados

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I mean, avocados, alcohol, friends, and probably some regrets, what more could we ask for? Next time you and your ladies decide to take shots at 3 pm on a Sunday just for shits, might as well make it interesting by adding some avocado-infused liquid courage.