When you have three tests and a paper in the same week, stress eating is unavoidable. Here are some healthier snack options for you when you have a week’s worth of stress eating to do.

1. Celery and cream cheese

Veggies always make a good snack, and celery is completely guilt free. Add some cream cheese for some extra flavor and because you deserve it.

2. Berries and nuts

Photo by Nicolle Luftman

Instead of mindlessly devouring a king sized Snicker, snack on some blueberries and almonds. They are just as tasty and have less empty calories.

3. Green tea

Instead of a third cup of coffee have some green tea. It has your caffeine fix as well as tons of antioxidants. Here’s more benefits of green tea.

4. Wheat Thins and Hummus

Photo by Nicolle Luftman

The reason everyone is obsessed with hummus is because it’s just really, really good; try some yourself! Here’s a recipe to make your own.

5. Bananas and peanut butter

Photo by Nicolle Luftman

Bananas and peanut butter aren’t just good for breakfast, they also make a great late night snack. An added bonus: Bananas are filled with potassium!

Happy snacking!