Like the trees that they resemble, broccoli is pretty essential for life. You love it or hate it, but either way the best ways to eat broccoli are often overlooked. It is a very versatile veggie that keeps you full and healthy. Here are 11 ideas for eating broccoli that ought to bring everyone together to enjoy it at any point in the day.  

1. On Pizza

cheese, broccoli, pizza
Laura Silver

Sneak broccoli onto your favorite food, pizza, and you won't regret it. Stick with your usual toppings but just add the broccoli on top for extra flavor. 

2. In Stir-Fry

sauce, chicken, rice
Shalayne Pulia

The magic of a stir fry is that you can add just about any veggie or protein to it and it'll taste good. In this case, broccoli is a must-add. A sage portobello stir fry can be enhanced with some cut broccoli. 

3. In Omelettes

omelet, omelette, egg, cheese, scrambled, spinach
Keren Straus

Omelettes are an easy way to sneak your daily veggies into a hearty breakfast. The key here is to finely chop the broccoli prior to putting it into the omelette, and consider steaming the broccoli prior to adding it for less of a crunch. 

4. With Pasta

broccoli, pasta, cheese, cheddar, macaroni, vegetable
Katherine Baker

Chicken, steamed broccoli, and pasta were a staple in my childhood. Parmesan is another simple add-on that proves how personal you can make this combination depending on what you like. 

5. As Tater Tots

cheese, herb, courgette, broccoli, vegetable
Jackie Kuczynski

Rock the tater tot pocket like you are Napoleon Dynamite while adding a level of sophistication with healthy broccoli. Broccoli tots are easy to put together and easily enjoyed by all ages. 

6. In Salad

Jacky Falkenberg

A broccoli salsa salad is a good way to start, but tossing broccoli into your salad is a step that you won't be able to believe you've been skipping all of this time. 

7. Step up your Veggie Burgers

eggplant, cheese, tomato, aubergine
Marina Wollmann

Buying a frozen veggie burger may give you your broccoli dose within minutes, but you can incorporate chopped broccoli when you make your own patties for a fresh, personalized alternative. 

8. In your Sandwich

cheese, egg, chicken, bacon, lettuce, sandwich
Nicole Lacasse

In every sandwich, there is room for broccoli. Preferably steamed, adding broccoli to your breakfast or dinner sandwiches make them that much tastier.  

9. In your Hummus

cauliflower, broccoli, vegetable
Becky Hughes

There are just about endless ways to eat hummus, including adding broccoli to the mix. Hummus makes use of all of the broccoli stalk without having the hassle of cooking it. You can even double up on broccoli by dipping your leftover in your fresh hummus. 

10. Dip it in Anything

broccoli, kale
Emily Hu

People picture raw broccoli and ranch when it comes to dressing but that's not all. Snack on broccoli with anything that you have in the house, from guac to bean dip.

11. Sautéed with Garlic

salad, vegetable, broccoli
Kristine Mahan

Broccoli is great with many things, but it shines on its own. Heat some butter, minced garlic, and olive oil in a pan. Throw in the broccoli on high heat, then bring the heat down low and cover it to steam. Bring back the heat once they are as soft as you like, browning it with heat until it is a color that you like. When it comes to ways to eat broccoli, nothing is better in my book.