It's 2017 and anything is possible — cars drive themselves, drones do delivery and burgers can be made from plants. Which is why I've rounded up 15 tastebud-tingling veggie burger recipes to satisfy any burger craving. Herbivores and carnivores alike will be saying "Holy (living) cow" at how tasty these veggie burger recipes are.

1. Meat Lover's Black Bean Burger

guacamole, beef, meat, lettuce, bread, sandwich, avocado
Parisa Soraya

Black beans, corn and bread crumbs. How could you not love this burger? 

2. Spicy Chickpea Burgers with Shoestring Sweet Potatoes Fries and Sriracha Mayo

bread, sandwich, salad, vegetable, lettuce, cheese
Charlotte Cohen

If you aren't salivating over the title, I urge you to look at the photo. This epic combo is ready in just 45 minutes.

3. Veggie Sushi Sliders

sushi, rice
Sarah Silbiger

Sushi + veggie burger hybrid? Hells to the yes. 

4. Cripsy Quinoa Black Bean Burger

sandwich, bacon
Sally Zhang

Quinoa and black beans are both plant-based protein powerhouses. Put them together, crisp 'em up, and you've got a delectable veggie burger on your hands. 

5. Lentil Burger

bread, falafel, pork, vegetable, salad, lettuce, beef, meat
Marina Wollmann

Lentil lovers unite! This mega-healthy veggie burger recipe is a tasty way to mix up your veggie burger game. 

6. Black Bean Burger on Focaccia

Megan Prendergast

If you've never had a veggie burger on focaccia bread, you are seriously missing out. Fluffy carb lovers rejoice with this recipe.

7. Zucchini Parm Burger

Maria Serghiou

A juicy and savory burger patty made from shredded zucchini and Parm is a delightfully unique way to mix up your veggie burger game. 

8. Chickpea Mushroom Burger

butter, chicken, peanut
Kristi Cook

Hello, gorgeous. Shittake mushrooms, chickpeas, brown rice, and warm spices give this veggie burger recipe all the umami flavors you could ever want in a burger.

9. Vegetarian Sliders with Mango Slaw

vegetable, meat, tomato, bun, cheese, lettuce, bread, sandwich
Miranda Reilly

This is a quick and yummy option for a meat-free nibble or appetizer. 

10. Black Bean and Sweet Potato Veggie Burger

cheese, lettuce, hamburger, tomato
Angela Kerndl

Perfection between two buns can be found here.

11. 15-Minute Healthy Chickpea Burgers

vegetable, meat, cheese, tomato, sandwich, bread, lettuce
Matt Volpe

Dinner in a flash. Get the details here

12. Beet Burgers

Alexis Clark

Who needs beef when you got beets? 

13. Beyond Meat Burger

Meat lover? Give these a whirl with all your favorite burger toppings. We doubt you'll taste a difference. They even bleed. Find out more about these "burgers" here.

14. Gluten-Free Falafel

vegetable, relish, hash, condiment, herb
Kristine Mahan

Make these falafel, but bigger. Put them on a bun and pile on the toppings. 

15. Perfect Meatless Monday Black Bean Burger

bun, sandwich, hamburger, beef, lettuce
Caitlyn Heter

Another take on the black bean burger. Delicious, satisfying, and spicy. 

With all the delicious veggie burger recipes here, you won't even think about meat next time a burger craving hits. Whip up one of these easy recipes and veg out.