When we hear the word “celebrity,” many of us think of Hollywood, the inescapable Kardashians. But not all celebrities just have abnormally large backsides – many are dedicated to living healthy lifestyles midst the stress of being in the public eye.

Here are some celebs that used their fame for good: to help educate others how to lead healthy and happy lives. Surprised that so many celebrities are also health gurus? So are we.

1. The Body Book: Cameron Diaz


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Don’t be fooled by the title – this book is not another book about how to get the best body. Instead, it’s about how to learn to love your body and treat it right, no matter the shape or size. Snaps for you, Cameron Diaz.

2. The Sleep Revolution: Ariana Huffington


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I tell you, this is THE book for college students. Ms. Huffington-Post describes the importance of sleep in every aspect of our lives, and how a good night’s sleep can transform your health in ways you could not have imagined.

3. It’s All Good: Gwyneth Paltrow


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Gwyneth Paltrow wrote this book after having to go gluten-free, alcohol-free, coffee-free, dairy-free – basically, she couldn’t eat anything. But she used her trying experience to create recipes that are quick, easy, and extremely healthy in order to help our bodies heal from the inside out.

4. Naturally Thin: Bethenny Frankel


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Even before she was a Real Housewife, Bethenny Frankel was all about healthy eating. Her book aims to teach readers how to embrace food as satisfying fuel rather than something to eat when you’re bored. She also tries to teach us not to feel guilt when eating. We love you, Bethenny.

5.  The Kind Diet: Alicia Silverstone


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The famed Clueless actress discusses how to adopt a fully plant-based diet, and how doing so could be better for your health, weight, and even the planet. But giving up meat and dairy forever has some of us saying as if!

6. The Honest Life: Jessica Alba


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After starting The Honest Company, which is dedicated to providing natural lifestyle products for families, Jessica Alba decided to write this book. In it she details the strategies she picked up to living a life that is natural and true to you. You go gurl.

7. Breaking Vegan: Jordan Younger


Photo courtesy of @jessicamurnane on Instagram

In 2015, Jordan Younger, a famous blogger then-known as The Blonde Vegan, came out with the shocking news that she was no longer going to be vegan. Instead, she changed her name to The Balanced Blonde to represent a more balanced lifestyle, and wrote about her struggle with orthorexia in this book.

8. The EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness: Maria Menounos


Photo courtesy of @athealthfitness on Instagram

Maria Menounos has an amazing body, but that wasn’t always the case. So, she wrote a book describing the benefits of a mediterranean diet and how she lost 40 (!) pounds. Pass us the hummus?

9. Deliciously Ella: Ella Woodward


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Food-blogger Ella Woodward’s story is incredible: after being diagnosed with a rare illness that left her bedridden, she completely changed her diet and her symptoms disappeared. This book provides readers with easy and healthy recipes that are truly good for you – and shows how food could help us, not harm us.

10. Balancing in Heels: Kristin Cavallari


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Although The Hills was totally fake, Kristin Cavallari’s book is not. She tells readers how she tries to stay healthy and happy while leading a busy, work-filled life. No stress, no worries.

11. The Longevity Book: Cameron Diaz


Photo courtesy of @camerondiaz on Instagram

Yes, Cameron Diaz wrote another health book, but it’s definitely not something to look over – this book highlights the process of aging, and how we can help our bodies and its natural aging transition.