You know about Wilbur brunch. Lagunita late night. The Thai Cafe. But did you know Stanford has food trucks on campus every weekday?

They’re open from 11am-2pm, and are located near the Huang Engineering Center on the South Service Road. Their schedule for the month is posted online so you can plan plan your meals accordingly.

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However, the Huang Engineering Building can be a serious trek. So I decided to visit these food trucks to see if the journey there was actually worth it!

Photo by Danielle Limcaoco

Photo by Danielle Limcaoco

The day I visited, there were two food trucks on campus: We Sushi and Los Tolucas. Sushi and quesadillas are my two loves, so picking which truck to order from was no easy task. However, I decided to get a sushi burrito from We Sushi since fusion food is always more fun. I ordered the vegan burrito because that seemed like the most appealing vegetarian option on the menu.

I was one of the first customers for the food truck (I was incredibly hungry so I got there at 11 am promptly) and so I had to wait for a while – a long while – before being able to get my food.

Here’s a picture of me bored, hungry, wet (it was raining), and sad while waiting for my order to come:

Photo by Danielle Limcaoco

But after what seemed like the 10 longest minutes of my life, my food was ready! I was so excited I decided to snap a selfie of my face and my order:

Photo by Danielle Limcaoco

Look how appetizing my sushi burrito was:

Photo by Danielle Limcaoco

More so, this dish was not only beautiful, but also delicious. The fresh seaweed, cucumbers, and avocados perfectly complemented the heartier flavor of the tofu, while the classic white rice and seaweed combination crafted a unity among all the ingredients. The wasabi used also had a genuine kick to it, giving the burrito life and a richer flavor.

My final verdict is that, while Stanford’s food trucks are not without their flaws (inconvenient placement, unaesthetic location, and long waits), the food they offer makes the journey worth it! This is especially since the food trucks change daily – unlike the often repetitive and uninspiring dining hall food, the vast array of food truck alternatives provide unique food options for our Stanford community.

Make sure to check out Stanford’s food trucks before the year comes to an end!