Chipotle and Qdoba are great, but so are the local eateries right by our beloved JMU. Next time you're in Harrisonburg, you can satisfy your craving for a rice bowl, while supporting some local Harrisonburg favorites! These 4 bowls aren't your average chipotle, but they may just be some of the best-kept secrets of the 'Burg! 

1. Cuban Burger

While this restaurant is known for its Cuban- style burgers (Voted top 12 Burger in Virginia by Thrillest), their Cuban Chop Chops seem to be just as famous. The best part of these rice bowls? The delicious duo of Garlic-Lime and Smokey Aioli sauces they drizzle atop the bowl — talk about life-changing. You can order your bowl as veggie, or get it topped with chicken, pork, flank steak, or shrimp. Either way, you'll be back for sure.

2. BurritOh!

BurritOh!'s fun name is just as fun as creating your rice bowl. Similar to chipotle's choose-your-ingredient format, you get to pick each one of the farm-fresh & locally owned ingredients and watch them create your soon-to-be-devoured bowl! 

3. Magnolia's Tacos & Tequila Bar

This burrito bowl pairs perfectly with one of Magnolia's signature margaritas. To get this bowl, all you have to do is ask for the burrito inside of a bowl instead of the tortilla. For those of us who can't have the flour tortilla (shout-out to my GF homies), this is a wonderful and just-as-delicious alternative!

4. Freshens

To keep with our southwestern ride bowl theme, the Freshens' Mexican bowl is the one to order, but Freshens also offers different themed bowls, with BBQ and Italian inspired ingredients. The best thing about these bowls: there are 2 locations on campus, and they're just a punch if you have a meal plan at JMU!  And, for a punch + $1-2 dining, you can make custom bowls, with a variety of other toppings that are offered. Even if you don't have punches, these bowls are still affordable, ranging around $7-$8!