From traditional snacks to TikTok viral desserts, I have experimented with many flavors this Ramadan season. Today, I present to you 5 sweet treats that can be easily recreated in a college dorm with no oven or fancy kitchenware! Whether you are fasting or not, these goodies can be made quickly and will definitely be devoured even quicker.


Baano Golawala

The Tik Tok viral "Crookie" takes the front row seat on best Iftar treat in a college dorm. This two ingredient, melt in your mouth delight will have licking your plate clean (whether or not you spent the day fasting).  Head to your local supermarket for a roll of Pillsbury cookie dough and some croissants, and remember to be generous when stuffing!! Air fry for 5 minutes to get the most mouthwatering gooey interior. 


Baano Golawala

Falooda, a Ramadan classic, is the most refreshing milk dessert  that transports me right back to home. When I am missing a traditional treat I've found that Falooda can easily be recreated in a dorm room. Combining rose syrup, milk, vermicelli, and vanilla ice cream, no additional kitchenware required, an Iftar delicacy is born!


Baano Golawala

Traditionally, fasts are broken first with a date. I decided to take a spin on this custom by making what is arguably a far more delicious Snicker bar (guilt-free too!). I went for some seedless Medjool dates which already had the perfect opening to scoop in peanut butter. I then covered the entire date in meltable chocolate and waited for it to harden. Option to sprinkle some almond shavings on top for an extra crunch and gourmet feel.

4. Tiramisu 

Baano Golawala

One of the most frustrating things about being a foodie in a dorm is the lack of an oven. This no bake tiramisu recipe was the perfect solution, and the most delicious way to end my first meal of the day. Side note: I'm currently writing this while fasting and my mouth is watering at these layers. For this recipe I found a fantastic step-by-step tutorial on Youtube, and many of the ingredients were things I already had lying around. 


Baano Golawala

On the note of sweet no-oven treats, I also managed to make doughnuts in an air fryer. These were perfect for a baking day with my roomies, and served as a great way to break my fast. The sugary glaze on the warm fresh doughnut was the best combination and was extremely satisfying after a long day of no food!


Fasting in college has certainly been a unique experience for me. I was initially very disappointed to be celebrating Ramadan away from my family, food, and culture, but I have been able to make some fantastic memories, meals, and feels all inside the confines of my dorm room. Being able to take a step back and evaluate how much a good meal can affect my mood has been so valuable to understanding my identity as a foodie. That being said, I am looking forward to ending this hiatus and I have MANY meals to try before I leave Gainesville! Thank you readers for coming with me on this journey :)