TikTok has become the home of foodies of all kinds, allowing us to come together to share our favorite food tips, tricks, products, restaurants, and recipes. Unlike other platforms, TikTok provides an opportunity for creators with any sized following to go viral with their short, fun videos, and professional chefs and home cooks alike can grace our screens with equally drool-worthy recipes. Every week, I’ll be highlighting one of the top TikTok trending recipes of the week so you can be in the know of the latest and greatest viral food trends to check out.

This week, a take on everyone’s favorite sandwich cookie has won over nostalgic TikTok foodies everywhere. With more than 12 million views, @everythingabbs’s Oreo Dip is easy and sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth.

Made with cream cheese, powdered sugar, Cool Whip, vanilla extract, and of course, Double Stuf Oreos, this dip is creamy and indulgent. @everythingabbs recommends using strawberries, apples, Graham crackers, or Oreos themselves for dipping (which some people in the comments feel is akin to cannibalism), but pretzels and vanilla wafers would work perfectly as well. 

Initially intended as an appetizer, Oreo Dip is such an easy dessert that could be served at any occasion or even without an occasion at all. As an Oreo lover, I was so excited to try it out this past weekend, and it did not disappoint. I usually take my time in the kitchen, but this dip was so quick and easy to make that it was done in minutes. It tasted exactly like an Oreo McFlurry, and my friends were eating it by the spoonful. I would definitely recommend this simple yet delicious dessert!

Make sure to try out this amazing Oreo Dip, and tune in next week for the newest TikTok trending recipe!