College Halloween is not typically a time filled with classic trick-or-treating and candy trading, but this year can be your chance to bring back your favorite childhood treats to your hall mates. Making treats to give out to your hall mates can seem like an inconvenient and time-consuming task, however, these treats are sure to take less than 20 minutes out of your day.  Search no further for the top 5 Halloween treats to make your hall mates' days and enjoy a little treat yourself.

1. Caramel Apples

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Kelsey Emery

While at first glance caramel apples seem like a messy dessert to make, all you need to buy is a few caramel wrapping sheets for this masterpiece. Grab a few apples from the dining hall and as long as you have a microwave, your caramel apples will be ready in no time. For an extra Halloween sparkle, buy some black sprinkles to roll them in.

2. Hershey Kiss Cookies 

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Charlotte Close

A classic chocolate chip cookie is always a fan favorite on Halloween, but adding some frosting and a Hershey's kiss is what will really leave your hall mates thanking you. Buy a pack of chocolate chip cookies and using either orange or black frosting, create a cute design on the cookie in any way you want. Then, place an unwrapped Hershey's kiss on top, and just let it dry until you can put it in a bag for your hall mates.

3. Festive Strawberries 

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Amelia Hitchens

My favorite part about this top 5 Halloween treat is that the strawberry component of the treat is actually healthy, so with this option you won't feel uncomfortably full. Buy a few boxes of strawberries as well as chocolate made for dipping, and decorate them with any crushed up candy you like. My personal favorite is crushed up candy corn to give it a kick of sweetness. 

4. Frosted Brownies

fudge, cake, sweet, goody, brownie, candy, chocolate
Samantha Klein

A baked good for a Halloween treats is always the most valuable in the trick or treat bag, but with orange frosting, it makes it an even spookier treat. Head over to your dining hall and grab some brownies, and buy a tube of orange frosting from CVS. All you have to do is slather on some of the sugary goodness and within seconds you have a cute and extra-sugary treat to share with your hall mates. The final step is to throw it in a ziplock, and viola, you’re suddenly the nicest hall mate.

5. Custom Donuts

Izzy Ullman

If you’re really feeling like a good friend, ask your hall mates what their favorite type of donut is and set up a decorating station in your room to make them. Set up glazed donuts with different frosting flavors and add on some toppings to their likings. Or, if you are wildly uncreative like me, check out Duck Donuts in Buckhead where you can purchase 18 donuts fresh made to order donuts for $19.25. 

With these 5 ideas for Halloween treats you’re sure to lift your hall mates’ Halloween spirits in no time. Besides, making these desserts will bring you back to your own childhood.