Grab your go-go boots and your bell bottoms and step into the time capsule that is Atlanta's coolest new cocktail bar. Jojo's Beloved, a glamorous 1970's-themed spot, just opened a few months ago, and they're serving up classic vinyl records and crafty drinks. Here's how my GNO went.

The Dinner

Luckily for foodies such as ourselves, Jojo's is located in the heart of elegant Midtown food hall Politan Row. Boasting eleven craft vendors from sushi to pizza and everything in between, there are options for any pregame craving. 

We sampled rich Birria tacos from Pretty Little Taco, a light and flavorful Turmeric Chicken Ga-Bowl from Bun Mi, and a delicious veggie burger and crispy fries from Federal Burger (on a gluten-free bun - they know the path to my heart). 

Jane Parven

The Atmosphere

After our faces were sufficiently stuffed, we headed through the hall's interior, down a red carpet to a dark, marked door. After checking us in, the bouncer pulled back the curtain, revealing the packed lounge in all its glory.

Dimly lit and electrified by neon accents, the lounge boasts soaring ceilings and an intimate vibe. We were seated at a high-top near the arched bar, while other patrons sipped on round booths and plush stools. The bar plays strictly vinyl records, so we were grooving all night to the 70's greatest hits.

Jane Parven

The Drinks

Jojo's serves no food; only a selection of signature cocktails, carefully crafted shots, and an extensive list of beers, wines, and champagnes. So, perhaps "only" is the wrong word. These were our highlights.

The Woo Woo Girls was a crowd favorite, featuring brandy, peach liqueur, lime juice, and a note of cranberry. Strong, yet whisperingly light, this cocktail got our table good and drunk.

The Bee's Gees satisfied the gin drinker in our group, with honey, lemon, and a splash of champagne. 

The S.O.S (Seventy-One Streets) was the cherry - or orange peel - on top of our evening, with peach Schnapps, white wine and an orange foam. 

Jane Parven

We also enjoyed a classic gimlet, a Bluetsey Collins tequila moment, and their Citrusy Mocktail for a refreshing break. And we barely made a dent in their menu. 

When it's time for your next date night or girl's night out, do everything in your power to secure a reservation at Jojo's Beloved. You'll be feeling that disco inferno in no time.