To kick off our first community service event of the semester, University of Michigan’s Spoon chapter collaborated with Baking for BRCA and frosted for a cause. Baking for BRCA is a new Hillel affiliated Club that bakes, decorates desserts and donates the proceeds to Basser Center for BRCA.

What is the BRCA Gene?

For those of you who don’t know, BRCA1 and BRCA2 are genes that, when mutated, make women more susceptible to BReast CAncer, Ovarian Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer. If you are born with a BRCA gene mutation, your life-time risk of developing breast cancer is as high as 80%. With these shocking statistics, that so few people are cognizant of, Baking for BRCA is dedicated to raising awareness and money in the hopes of finding a cure.

The Club:

Baking every third Sunday night and selling the following Monday morning, Baking For BRCA tops its treats with a bit of a twist. Each dessert is decorated to resemble a breast, using vanilla frosting and a light pink, white chocolate morsel. This captures the attention of most students and faculty members who pass the selling station in Mason Hall. The treats sell for $1 a piece, but most people buy a set of two for a funny Instagram or Snapchat. This is the intention of the intriguing design: a dessert amusing enough to entice people to ask questions, take pictures and draw attention to the cause.


Photo courtesy of @bakingforbrca

The Event:

On Sunday, February 21st, Spoon members schlepped to Couzens Hall and baked over 75 cupcakes with the club. Good company + cupcakes + cooking made for a very successful event, and the desserts sold out in under two hours.  Happy to have additional helping hands, the club is eager to pair with Spoon University again in the near future.


Photo by Annie Slabotsky

Now that you know, spread the word about the BRCA gene and be the breast person you can be.