We’ve been in “election season” for about a year and half now since both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton officially threw their hats into the ring, so to speak.

It’s hard to believe just how long that we’ve been dealing with all the various interesting personalities involved in this election. So, because foods also take on personalities of their own, I’ve compared some of the major players in this election to food. Some you can find around NYC and others are for all to enjoy, no matter where your school is. Without further ado…

The Democrats: Those who are “with her.”

Hillary Clinton

oatmeal, chocolate, cookie, peanut butter, peanut, butter
Megan Reardon

This history-making lady has struggled this election (and for the duration of her political career) with likability. Her campaign has been trying to push her as more relatable and likable this entire campaign.

Seeing as her Instagram bio is, “Doting grandmother, among other things,” Hillary Clinton is oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Fun fact: she also makes them and published her recipe in The New York Times. Come on now, she’s trying to be likable.

Tim Kaine
rice, vegetable, meat, curry, pepper, chicken, fried rice, pilaf, saffron
Christina Robinson

Let’s be honest, no one really knew about Tim Kaine before this election. That’s kind of how it typically goes with VP nominees. They let the presidential hopeful steal all the thunder. However, Tim Kaine has quickly become America’s favorite Dad.

He’s that guy you want at all your family dinners because he’s fun to talk to and won’t offend anyone (wink wink). AND he speaks Spanish, which is a game changer. That was also a huge factor that went into Hillary’s choice. So, Tim Kaine is…Paella. The signature Spanish staple suits him perfectly because he’s known to whip out those Spanish speaking skills at a moment’s notice.

You go, Tim.

Chelsea Clinton     
tea, cream, milk, sweet, coffee
Alixandra Rutnik

Chelsea has been out there campaigning for her mom since the start. No stranger to the White House or the spotlight that comes with it, Chelsea seems to be more private than the Trump children, however just as dignified and collected.

She’s super relatable as a dedicated mom, wife, and daughter. She brings the warmth to the campaign that Hillary has been desperately trying to project, especially with her DNC speech about the warmer, more personal side of her mother.

So, Chelsea Clinton is butternut squash soup. She’s the warmth and comfort of the Clinton camp.

The Republicans: Those who want to “make America great again."

Donald Trump
beer, hot sauce, sauce, chili, condiment, barbecue sauce
Stephanie DeVaux

Where do I even begin? Trump’s success has been unprecedented this election. He has shed light on those voters in the U.S. who are highly frustrated with career politicians and the way this country has been run. It’s perhaps because of his lack of political experience that he’s been so successful.

While he’s now lagging in the polls, no one would’ve thought that he would make it this far. He’s been known to be just a tad hot headed, whether it be on the debate stage, at rallies, or just in his everyday life at Trump Tower. He’s certainly brought the heat to this election and made it all the more exciting and entertaining to watch.

So Donald Trump is hot sauce. You include him when you want to spice things up and make things a little interesting, giving them that extra kick.

Mike Pence

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but a rainbow-foods trend has hit New York City (with rainbow bagels and such). But it looks like some people are pretty tired of it.

Morgenstern’s, an ice cream shop on Rivington Street in New York, has recently come out with jet black ice cream. This is the literal antithesis to all things rainbow. And what do ya know? We have a VP candidate a little similar to this. Governor Mike Pence famously (or infamously) signed into Indiana state law an anti-LGBT “religious liberty” law. Since Mike Pence is also against all things rainbow, he fits the jet black ice cream bill.

Ivanka Trump

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Amidst all the offensive comments and statements in, around and about the Trump campaign, Ivanka Trump has tried to be her father’s saving grace. She’s super polished, put together, and honestly just seems like the a perfect human being.

When something goes wrong, Ivanka seems to step in to do crisis control, so Ivanka Trump is a creampuff. She’s delicate, cool, calm, and collected, seemingly the very opposite to her Dad’s hot sauciness.

The moral of the story is that no matter what foods you’re into or who you’re digging this election cycle, it’s so important to go out and VOTE no matter how stressed you may be from madness of it all. See ya November 8, foodies.