Every student in Auburn knows how to order a pizza from Papa John's or a sub sandwich from Jimmy Johns and have it delivered right to them. But what happens if you absolutely have to have Chick-fil-A or Five Guys or something else that doesn't deliver?

Sometimes it seems impossible to get into your car, drive all the way there, go through a drive-thru line, then have to take your food all the way back to the comfort of your bed. Don't worry, I have just the solution for your lazy desires. 


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The first amazing service you need to know about is EnvoyNow. EnvoyNow, “an on-demand delivery service exclusively for college students by college students,” is the latest, best food delivery service. The company, based out of Los Angeles, California, has the motto of being, “The Official Sponsor of College Munchies.”

EnvoyNow is currently in 19 different college towns, with different restaurant offerings at each one. With a delivery fee of only $2.99, you can easily split an inexpensive order between friends. The delivery hours begin at 4 pm and range in closing hours based on when the specific restaurant closes (some can be delivered as late as 11:40 pm). EnvoyNow lives up to its promise of delivering your food in 30 minutes or less (and keeps it warm and ready to enjoy). 

EnvoyNow Restaurants

Jordan Hughes

As of right now, EnvoyNow delivers from Taco Bell, Five Guys, Newks, and a few of your other favorites. By downloading the EnvoyNow app, you can easily select your restaurant, choose your food, and it will be delivered to you.

The EnvoyNow promise is “Whether you’re feeling lazy, crazy, or even a little hazy we’ll come straight to your door, study spot, or pregame in under 30 minutes.” If that doesn’t have you convinced I don’t know what will. Another reason why you should be using EnvoyNow is that for a short time if you use the code “wareagle” you receive a discount off your order.

Tiger Town ToGo

Tiger Town ToGo lives up to the hype of its slogan, “Delivering Auburn’s Finest Restaurants to your door!” One of the first multi-restaurant delivery services in Auburn, Alabama, the company employs drivers to pick up your orders from over ten of Auburn’s favorite restaurants.

With lunch hours from 11 am to 5 pm and dinner hours from 5 pm to 9 pm, you can get almost whatever you want to eat whenever you want it. The Tiger Town ToGo website makes it easy to choose your restaurant; all you have to do is click on the menu items that you want.

The order includes a $2.99 delivery fee as well as a 7% service fee, a pretty inexpensive price to pay for the luxury of not having to leave your home. Some of the top restaurants that Tiger Town ToGo delivers from include The Hound, Acre, Rock N Roll Sushi, Mylks Cookies, Mellow Mushroom, and Zoe’s Kitchen.Tiger Town ToGo's deliver time ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, usually guaranteeing that your food stays fresh and ready to enjoy.

Next time you feel as if leaving your bed to get food is impossible, place an order on EnvoyNow or Tiger Town ToGo to get your cravings delivered right to you.