North Carolina State University is home to the glorious and well known Howling Cow Ice Cream. The milk for the ice cream is taken from cows on NC State’s Dairy Research and Teaching Farm, then taken to the basement of the Food Science building on campus to be made into ice cream.

howling cow

Photo by Lauren Kruchten

Other than the annual North Carolina State Fair, the ice cream is sold only on NC State’s campus, in the dining halls, convenience stores, and ice cream/coffee shops. Therefore, as a staple of every NC State students’ diet, they’re the best judges of which flavors taste better than the others. Read on to find out which flavors you should seek out at the fair, or enjoy on a visit to campus.

17. Raspberry Sherbet

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Raspberry sherbet is the only sherbet sold by Howling Cow. It’s sweet, fruity, and somewhat healthier than the other ice cream flavors, which is probably why it was the least voted for.

16. Lemon Wafer

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @shaneg00g90 on Instagram

This is Howling Cow’s newest flavor of ice cream, released this past year at the NC State Fair. With it’s chunks of Vanilla Wafers and strong lemon flavor, you have to really love lemons to enjoy this one.

15. Vanilla (Tied)

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @emilyforrest95 on Instagram

This typical ice cream flavor is way better than your average vanilla because it’s made by NC State’s very own Howling Cows, however it still isn’t as popular with students as the other flavors are.

14. Chocolate

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @stacistarlight on Instagram

Howling Cow’s chocolate ice cream is a safe bet for any student who might be too afraid to experiment with the other flavors. It also tastes fabulous in a chocolate milkshake, which many students pick up while they’re studying because chocolate boosts brain power right?

13. Butter Almond

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @haleybohon on Instagram

Upon first taste Howling Cow’s butter almond tastes pretty much like, well, butter. But I promise after a few more bites you’ll be savoring the chunks of roasted almonds in this sweet and salty-like ice cream.

12. Strawberry (Tied)

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @quynhtrangdo on Instagram

This Howling Cow flavor is different from your average strawberry ice cream, because it also includes fresh strawberries. Basically it’s how NC State students get their daily servings of fruit.

11. Java Bean (Tied)

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @1ucyf3r on Instagram

A caffeine rush in ice cream? Um, yes please. Although no one’s 100% sure this ice cream actually contains coffee, it sure tastes like it does, and that’s enough reasoning for students who are pulling all nighters to get it.

10. Cherry Vanilla

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @vlwolf on Instagram

Vanilla ice cream automatically gets 10 times better when you add sweet, juicy, maraschino cherries. Or at least the students who voted for this flavor seem to think so.

9. Chocolate Peanut Butter

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @gwyndolion on Instagram

Everyone knows chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in heaven. This flavor, with chocolate ice cream and heavenly swirls of peanut butter, are no exception.

8. Chocolate Chip Mint (Tied)

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @graziellavds on Instagram

A favorite with students, this flavor is made up of sweet mint ice cream and chunks of dark chocolate. It’s so minty you could almost go without brushing your teeth afterwards. (Though I would advise you to still do that).

7. Cherry Brick Road

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @mmaikasper on Instagram

This one is my personal favorite out of all of Howling Cow’s flavors. It’s made up of a chocolate ice cream base, with chunks of cherries, chocolate, and marshmallow swirls incorporated into it. Are you drooling because I sure am.

6. Banana Pudding

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @animatedpancakes on Instagram

This flavor, which is surprisingly a top choice among students, is made up of banana ice cream with vanilla wafers and marshmallow swirls.

5. Robert’s Raspberry

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Who is Robert? I’m not sure, but he definitely has some good tastes. This flavor incorporates chunks of chocolate into a black raspberry ice cream, giving students something they’ll pretend is healthy in order to feel better about themselves. #NoShame.

4. Campfire Delight (Tied)

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Photo courtesy of @garnett21k on Instagram

This is the one everyone always seems to ask for, and tends to be missing whenever you really want it. It’s a graham cracker flavored ice cream with chocolate chunks and gooey swirls of marshmallow. Caution: will cause nostalgia of summertime and camping.

3. Cookie Dough

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @ncsu_fsc on Instagram

A favorite among NC State students and fellow ice cream lovers. Because honestly what’s better than cookie dough in cookie dough flavored ice cream?

2. Cookies & Cream

howling cow

Photo courtesy of @noelleelizzabeth on Instagram

If anyone can take Oreos and put them into an amazing ice cream it’s Howling Cow. This flavor is full of huge Oreo chunks, making it better than any other cookies & cream ice cream in comparison.

1. Wolftracks

howling cow

Photo by Memoree Blackmon

Leave it to NC State to take a typical ice cream flavor and add “wolf” into it. Yes, this is literally just moose tracks ice cream, but it’s a student favorite because of the chocolate and vanilla ice cream, fudge chunks, and mini peanut butter cups. A must-try if you ever find yourself at NC State.