Big little week is like a marathon. You can prepare forever and spend weeks carbo loading, but its still going to be rough.

Seniors Claire Bartholomew, Hailey Durno, and Kim Plumer decided to help calm the madness of big little week with their new baking business Piece of Cake, which provides bigs with baked goods to give to their new littles. The girls know first hand how crazy the gift-filled week can be and have made the process pretty simple. You, the “big,” fill out an order form online describing what baked good you want, then they deliver the food either to the South 40 or the Village. They have consistent daily offerings like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and cupcakes, as well as specials like peanut butter blondies or Twix thumbprint cookies.

big little

Photo by Claire Bartholomew

All of their baked goods come with the option to personalize. The girls stocked up on sorority-colored icings and are talented in the art of decorating. They can even write out letters in chocolate (I can barely write out letters in pencil so I find this amazing). They’ll make your sorority symbol too because they’ve pretty much got it all covered.

The on campus favorite, Bear-y Sweet Shoppe, also has your back during big little week. They have announced time slots assigned to each sorority depending on the day of their big little reveal. If you go in during your chapter’s allotted time, you get 10% off your entire purchase (your little will thank you for the extra candy).

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