Featured on the December 17th episode of Top Chef, the “chefstestants” were tasked with a Quickfire challenge in the desert on the way to Palm Springs.

Chef José Andrés introduced solar ovens and stoves while standing on the San Andreas fault line. He brought these ovens and stoves to Haiti after their disastrous earthquake. Using the sun to cook was new for all of the chefs, and new for the viewers.

This product is created by the company, GoSun. They make solar stove ovens and grills.

Host Padma Lakshmi says, “You’ll have 30 minutes to create a dish using the cleanest energy there is. The Sun.”

Watch the intro to the chefs using these innovative appliances here.

Patrick Sherwin created the concept of a solar oven when he was “dissembling a solar water heating device, [and] realized that the vacuum tubes sitting next to him might be able to reheat his lunch,” according to the GoSun website. He has finally launched this global brand of different products, trying to use renewable energy to lessen negative environmental impact.

But GoSun is making a positive environmental impact on top of creating renewable energy products. For every GoSun product that is created, GoSun plants 20 trees.

Not only can you impress all of your friends with this incredible, high tech gadget, you can also decrease your fossil fuel output.

The Stove Oven

solar cookers

Photo courtesy of gosunstove.com

Listed at $279, this oven lets you cook a meal in 20 minutes, reaching 550°F.

The Grill

solar cookers

Photo courtesy of gosunstove.com

Listed at $599, the GoSun grill lets you bake, boil or fry a meal for up to eight people.

These solar cookers will not only change the world of cooking, they will change the world. In the event of any natural disaster, these products can be vital to survival for families in need.

solar cookers

Photo courtesy of tumblr.com

So if you’re interested in one of these products, check out the GoSun website. And if you want to use it, don’t forget the sunscreen.