YAS! After months of planning and working with the Office of Student Activities and Involvement, Spoon University is in the process of becoming an officially recognized organization at JMU.

So what does that mean to JMU students? WELL. It means a ton.


Photo by Marielena Planas

For starters, Spoon will be able to start throwing awesome events on campus like bake-offs and chili eating contests and more. Giveaways of Nutella and marshmallow fluff on the Commons are in your future. Tons of awesome and original content written by fellow JMU students will continue to populate your news-feeds.

Finally, you’ll never be wondering “where should I eat/what should I eat?/who should I eat with?” ever again on JMU’s campus.


Photo by Jake Toth

Wanna join us?

We’re looking for food-obsessed JMU students to join our staff and help establish Spoon as the ultimate food authority on campus. We need writers, editors, photographers, videographers and marketing/PR team members to join the team.

Here’s what SpoonJMU can do for you:
1. A prominent online platform for your writing, photos and marketing work
2. A national audience for your best material, Spoon University earns 1.2 million monthly page views! Check out some more impressive stats here.
3. 24/7 editorial and tech support
4. Job, career and networking opportunities


Photo by Meghan Tocci

All applicants: Submit your most recent resume.

Editors: Read this. That’s the voice. Write a 250-word story about food — whatever you want! Then complete the editing test. Write killer (and clickable!) titles for 3 mock stories.

Writers: Read this. That’s the voice. Write a 250-word story about food — whatever you want! Write killer (and clickable!) titles for 3 mock stories.

Photographers: Submit a photo portfolio with photos of food. No, Instagrams don’t count — our mediocre photos look better with a filter, too. ? Tell us a little about your experience and what camera you use.

Marketing/PR Team: Write three funny/clickable (hypothetical) tweets for Spoon. Name two student groups Spoon should partner with, and ideas about specific things we could do with them. List all the student groups you’re in. Describe how would you plan a launch party with $0, and what important logistics there are to consider.

Want to learn more? Send any questions to: dukoffgm@dukes.jmu.edu