Who doesn't love a good cheese platter? They're easy to make, perfect to bring to any dinner party, and, of course, are delish. Don't botch the cheese platter with the wrong cheeses or bad plating. Here are some simple rules to follow when putting together the perfect cheese platter. Even a kid could do this!

The Must-Have Cheeses

First, let's talk about the cheese. Make sure you include a variety of cheeses that can satisfy everyone's cheesy needs. Muenster is a soft cheese that's not too overpowering. Gorgonzola (aka blue cheese) is the exact opposite and will add a kick to your platter.

The must-have cheeses include cheddar, chèvre (aka goat cheese), and brie. Without these cheeses included on your platter, you'll definitely look like a rookie

The Showstopper Cheese

Add one or two unique cheeses that will have everyone licking the platter. Garlic and herb Boursin cheese may not be the classiest because it's more of a spread than a fine-aged cheese. But, if you take that baby out of the box and circle it with crackers, you'll have everyone on their knees.

Cambozola is another cheese that will knock your guests on their socks. It's a mix of brie and gorgonzola. The two paired in a gooey casing is a match made in heaven. It's the perfect mixture of tangy and smooth. 

The Crackers

Although cheese is the star of the platter, having bad crackers and no munchies will ruin the whole attempt. Raincoast crisps are classy and pair well with just about every kind of cheese. There are six different flavors of crisps and they never go stale (just pop them in the oven for five minutes!). These crackers are so damn good I can't even come up with another suggestion. 

The Snacks (Meat, Fruit, etc.)

Cheese cannot rule the platter. Be sure to include something to refresh the cheese eaters palette, like figs, blackberries, or cranberries. Including salami, pepperoni and prosciutto will satisfy all your meat-loving guests. Wasabi peas, almonds, jam, or dried mangoes can also add some pizzazz to your plate. 

You're now officially ready to make a flawless cheese platter. Cheese may be the star of the plate, but without its back up dancers, it's just eh. Scroll through Pinterest for some dazzling plating ideas. Looks are everything!