Dreams reveal our true thoughts, the ones stewing deep down in our subconscious, right? I interviewed students to reveal their greatest dreams about food, which were clearly important since they remembered them longer than 5 minutes after waking up.

Have you ever had a dream about food?

“Well, I once dreamt I was in a Candy Land game, expect it was real, and I was in Ice Cream Heaven.” -L.G. ’17

“Yeah, in my dream my mom was eaten by gingerbread men and then I ate their gum drop buttons… It was weird.” -D.B. ’14

“One time I dreamt I was floating in milk and then my cat drank all the milk and I was stuck in the bowl.” -A.N. ’16


Photo by Peter Yu

What was your dream about food?

“Oh gosh, which one?”


“My favorite was the one when I was little, and the hills and everything were different flavors of ice cream like Willy Wonka but with ice cream!” -V.K. ’17


Photo by Peter Yu

“I had a dream I was drowning in spaghetti… and also a lot of dreams about never-ending ice cream/milkshake bars (those were in my darkest times).” -T.S. ’15

“One time I dreamt I blew a bubble gum bubble almost as big as my body and I was terrified that it would pop.” -A.C. ’14


Photo by Peter Yu

Random question: have you ever had a dream about food?

“As of last night, yes… so delicious.”


“The answer is yes. I had a dream about wings last night.”

Ohhhh, what happened?

“My best friend was there and we magically had wings. I was eating delicious wings, except I didn’t get my fingers dirty.  It was perfect.” -B.K. ’17


Well, there you have it— our dreams reveal the desires and cravings for food we didn’t even know we had.

“Food dreams are the best though… You get all the satisfaction of real food and you don’t feel like you need to wear a girdle out afterward.” -B.C. ’15


Photo by Peter Yu



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