Europe is great… incredible, even. I’ve eaten fresh baguettes and crepes in Paris, fish and chips and a real English breakfast in the UK and Belgian waffles so good that I cried when I dropped a piece on the ground (I wish I was joking). The food is undeniably some of the best I’ve had.

As a college student, I’ve been living a little large and eating way better than I did back at JMU, but there is one category of foods I miss the most: drunchies.

In Europe, the selection of drunk foods available are much different than in the ‘Burg. And a lot of places don’t stay open as late as we’re accustomed to. Basically when I go out in Belgium, I’ll either end the night with fries with samurai sauce (think mayo + Siracha) or some sort of strange kebob/falafel/pita pocket.

Silly me, I didn’t consult this list on what food to bring abroad with me. Hence, it’s got me day-dreaming of JMU…

1. Cookout Tray


Photo courtesy of @tilmesd on Instagram

I actually spoke to a man who told me he didn’t know what a corndog was and then asked if it’s made of corn…yikes. The amount of times I crave a cookout tray (double quesadilla and a corndog) is slightly concerning.

2. Chanello’s Cheesy Bread


Photo courtesy of @paceboy_fun_facts on Instagram

Oh how I miss hearing a friend drunkenly yell, “We’re going home and I’m ordering us cheesy bread!” (there’s always an occasion). I could kill for a delicious slice (or 12) of Chanello’s heavenly specialty.

3. Tutti Gusti


Photo courtesy of @projectnomz on Instagram

Yes I’m aware that the Europe is home to the best pizza/pasta in the world but nothing beats Tutti when you’re too black out to make your own noodles.

4. Taco Bell


Photo courtesy of @dudeitsstephen on Instagram

It doesn’t exist here. I rest my case. They have McDonald’s that you can apparently get drunk at but literally not one Taco Bell.

5. Anything from JMU E-Hall


Photo courtesy of @jmudining on Instagram

In all honesty some of my favorite yet fuzzy memories are from eating literally everything at E-hall after day-drinking all day.

6. Tortilla chips with salsa/queso


Photo courtesy of @chiptolemexicangrill on Instagram

I’m not sure if it’s because of America’s obesity problem or if Belgian families just eat like 5 chips each, but family size bags of chips are a rarity here. Sometimes all you need is a shit ton of chips and melted cheese…and Europe can’t give me that.

7. Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese


Photo courtesy of @kraft_macandcheese on Instagram

I cannot tell you how much I miss the cheesy yummy goodness and how quickly it can be made. Europeans aren’t big on powdered cheese, but I swear if I find a place that sells this, I may just buy them out.

8. Jimmy Johns


Photo by Jake Toth

It’s cheap, filling, and gets to you before you pass out and leave the delivery man hanging. What more could you want?

And the hangover cure I miss the most…


Photo courtesy of @ericblumenkopf on Instagram

A Mr. J’s Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel with EXTRA cream cheese. My mouth is watering just typing that.