If you're a picky eater like me, you've probably never heard of suppli, and probably don't want to. Even though you tell yourself you want to try trendy foods like poké and avocado, that hamburger on the menu tends to be your go-to.

Enter suppli—the newest, hottest food in town. It's basically perfect because it's fried and portable (check both of those boxes off your must-have list) and it reminds you of your favorite appetizer–mozzarella sticks.

As one of Rome's "favorite street foods," this food is a total must-try. Basically suppli is a deep-fried, egg-shaped ball of pasta, and in the center is gooey melted cheese that pulls apart like the world's sexiest mozzarella stick. If you can get away with eating kid friendly foods and still look sophisticated, do it.

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Technically speaking, inside they're filled with rice cooked in a marinara or meat sauce, and mozzarella; outside, they're coated with bread crumbs for extra attractiveness. They are then deep fried, and served as appetizers for Rome's pizza shops. Double yum.

If you thought that was all, you're wrong—there's so much more to suppli. Like all of the best Italian foods, suppli has different variations of the original recipe. Suppli can also be made with chicken and mincemeat, and if you're not a fan of tomato sauce, suppli is just as good with a bit of rice seasoning.

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Looking to avoid fried food? A healthier version of suppli can be baked in an oven. Better yet, it can be made with rice and ham, or rice and chicken, or really rice and anything because the world is your oyster... or your suppli.

 Overall, 10/10, would try suppli. If you're just itching to start in on it and you're already on your way to the grocery store, try this recipe for the ultimate appetizer. Buon Appetito.