When it comes to a new foodie hangout, no force on the earth can prevent food bloggers from exploring and experimenting. With food blogging taking up social media by storm, it has also become a critical avenue for upcoming cafes and restaurants to receive critical feedback on their menu among other things. This year’s first Spoon UDelhi event began with the effort to discover a new café in the foodie students’ hub aka Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, named Spezia Bistro. A place with comfortable ambience, profoundly positive vibes with irresistibly good food, it turned out to be a perfect place for organising our event Spoon Soiree.

Here are some things that made it a fun ride, for both the organising team and the participant bloggers:

1. How We Named It

“Spoon Soiree – A Food Festa” was christened after a lot of brain-scratching until inspiration struck us. The name of the cafe is a combination of Italian (Spezia) and French (Bistro), and so had to be the name of the bloggers’ meet-up.

2. Serving Challenges Before Serving Food

The event was a two-level episode. The first level involved a mind-juggling crossword that tested them on their acquaintance with worldwide food facts. Soon, the teams were short-listed for another round that consisted of a word search, followed by a pizza-cooking competition.

3. An Insider View

Spoon Soiree

Photo by Sabhyata Badhwar

Spezia Bistro even provided the opportunity to peep into the secrets of preparing great pizzas. The chef and the management were generous enough to assist the teams in preparing pizzas. This section, named Pizzaria, was where all the action took place.

4. A Game of Doughs

Spoon Soiree

Photo by Tarunima

One by one, they headed towards the Pizzaria section and with all their taste and creativity, went on to try their hands on the task of pizza making. The challenge was to balance all the ingredients provided in the puzzle.

5. The Winner Takes It All

@foodie_romamalhotra with her epic pizza in the making. Video by @yats_ar #pizza #pizzaria #Delhi #foodie A video posted by Spoon University – Delhi (@spoon_du) on Jan 27, 2016 at 8:42am PST

The winning team’s name would be added to the Bistro’s Pizzaria menu. A foodie achievement marked on the bucket list!

6. Everybody Wins

Spoon Soiree

Photo by Sabhyata Badhwar

Because Spezia Foods has a bakery of its own and they gifted everyone these.

7. The Menu That Had Us At Hello

Spoon Soiree

Photo by Yatin Arora

Pita Pockets and Dimsum samplers had us drooling. The Macho Nachos and Honey chilli potato left us speechless. Filling meals accompanied by brownie and oreo shakes. To add to the funk, aampachak soda and anaar soda were our constant companions. Some relished fish, others gorged on the pizzas being prepared by the teams.