Well, St. Lawrence, the first break of 2016 is upon us. Mid-semester break is a time where you can go home, catch up on sleep, see your parents, and most importantly, return to your favorite foods. There are some things that Dana and the Pub cannot provide for us, which makes going home that much sweeter. Maybe it’s your favorite sandwich? Your favorite bar? Either way, after being back at SLU for almost a month, it’s time for a break. So with open arms, we run (get in our cars and drive) to the three best meals you get when you go home for break.

1. Your favorite home cooked meal

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It was one of the hardest parts of going away to college. There’s always that one meal that one of your parents cooks that you dream about when you’re hungry, and cry about when you’re away at school. It’s the meal that when your parents ask “what do you want us to cook for your birthday?”, this is your answer. Maybe the dining staff can make it for you at Dana, or maybe they serve something like it at Blackbird. But it’s never really the same. For me, it’s coconut cupcakes. Seriously Mom, while I’m super excited to see you, please just cook for me. I will love you more than I already do.

2. Any meal at any time of day

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While I know that the Pub is open until 11:30, and they essentially serve you anything you ask them to, this is not the same. I am a proud resident of Dean Eaton (represent), which means I have no kitchen. On the day I moved in, I made the pilgrimage to Walmart and bought a cube of a mini-fridge and microwave. It’s fine, but it is still so far from having a kitchen. I long for the days when I could wake up at a reasonable hour (usually 1 pm), saunter downstairs and make myself anything from within the refrigerator. Also, I wouldn’t have to pay for it. I long for my kitchen when I’m here at SLU. With that, I cannot wait to return to my unreasonably late breakfasts and the ability to sit at my kitchen table eating Ben and Jerry’s and watching SVU with my mom.

3. Your favorite restaurant

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This is an important one for me. Arguably the most important. Even though I live in the Northwest corner of Connecticut where there is not much to do, there is a surprisingly high number of incredible restaurants. I love The Bagelry, and 1844 House, and Maxfield’s, don’t get me wrong. Also, my meal plan is severely struggling already because everything in the Pub and all Dana meals are overpriced (especially brunch). Even though I love home cooked meals, nothing compares to going to your favorite hometown restaurant. Whether it’s the best slice of pizza, the best sushi, or the best chicken wings, there are just some things that Canton can’t provide. The thought of once again being invited into the cozy, calming environment of my favorite restaurant makes going home that much more exciting.


As you can probably tell, what I am most looking forward to at home is the food. I love the Pub, and Dana can also be pretty damn good. But nothing- and I mean nothing, can make you feel more at home than food can.