There aren’t a whole lotta Paleo people on the UW campus for a reason: We are college students.  In Wisconsin. The land of beer and cheese. It’s kinda unavoidable.

What if: Instead of babies… Bread. (photo by @taylormillerphoto for @bff)

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Gluten is pretty much God. The Carb Church? The Dane County Farmer’s Market, a Madison Institution.

? @danecofm #stellasbakery #danecountyfarmersmarket

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lOoK IT’S sO PreTTy!

Unfortunately, some of our favorite vendors haven’t quite caught up with the whole Insta-game yet. But if these 5 posted some of that baked love for us on a Saturday morning it wouldn’t be so hard to muster up the motivation to hike up to the Square in the snow.

1. Stella’s Bakery

House of Carbs. #phaaat #hotspicycheesebread

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*Cue lion king music*

I mean, come on. Stella’s hot spicy cheese bread is basic AF, but you still know that one of those golden brown loaves of goodness has your name on it. Some good ol’ white bread encrusted in red pepper and dripping with gooey pepper jack? Yeah, no judgements here: who needs pancakes for brunch when ya got this?


Plus, Stella’s never fails to put on a show with its Badger-friendly baked goods on display.

My 2 favorite things. #badgersandbread Yes. This is a loaf of bread.

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2. Chris and Lori’s Bakehouse

There’s breakfast, and then there’s living. And you have not lived until you have eaten a scone in the Sconnie capital.

There’s healthy shmealthy to ultra healthy, carrot raisin to white chocolate espresso–and, of course, the seasonal pumpkin scone.

BONUS: Scones are now available through winter and offer delivery. No joke: this author may or may not be guilty of ordering 50 scones last Christmas, freezing them all in lil’ plastic bags, and rationing them until Spring semester.

Gimme dat cow ?#madisonfarmersmarket

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Plus: cow cookies. How can you say no to that face?!

3. Silly Yak

Gluten-free foodies rejoice. The Silly Yak (ha, punny–“Celiac’s”) offers sprinkle donuts, brownies, lemon cookies, and bread, MUCH BREAD.

I mean, c’mon Silly Yak–how friggin’ gorgeous is this GF sammich?

Have celiac's?? Come to Silly Yak Bakery for your gluten free needs. (They ship, FYI)

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Their products freeze awesomely, so you can feel free to treat yo’ self all winter long.