As Valentine’s Day comes upon the world once again, there are several things that need to be done to make the night perfect for that very special person. If Valentine’s Day is set in a perfect environment with someone you are deeply interested in, the night may move from the dinner table to the bedroom.

But before we jump to conclusions, there needs to be a certain atmosphere to set a specific tone and there’s no way of setting the mood better than with the food. Aphrodisiacs, like chocolate and vanilla, can definitely stimulate one’s endorphins to feel a peculiar kind of way. However, picking out which food to invigorate the evening is essential in order for this day of love to not be a complete disaster.

Here are some anti-aphrodisiacs to avoid during Valentine’s Day where sexual appetite can be potentially ruined.

1. Alcohol

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Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Traditionally, a few glasses of Chardonnay or a couple of cocktails seem to be the mood setters for quite a lot of different romantic scenarios. However, it goes without saying that drinking an excessive amount can ruin the moment, seeing as alcohol is a depressant and can inhibit your sexual arousal. Keep the shots to a minimum.

2. Soy Products

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Photo courtesy of Rachael Ferreira

Things like tofu and soy milk shouldn’t be on your list of foods on Valentine’s Day. An intake of estrogen from soy substances, individuals may have huge fluctuations in their sex cravings. Despite estrogen being a female sex hormone, it affects men and women alike, dropping sex drive by a significant amount.

3. Graham Crackers

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Graham crackers, combined with the right foods such as caviar or chocolate, can be a hit during Valentine’s Day. However, unbeknownst to many, the carbohydrates packed into graham crackers can devastate intimacy by modifying and decreasing hormonal levels. Dr. Sylvester Graham, the creator of the cracker himself, created this diabolical food for the purpose of stopping erotic desires. You know he meant business by this.

4. Black Licorice

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No one even likes these black tubes of death to begin with, so there should be no doubt that black licorice is a massive turnoff. Glycyrrhizin, substances embedded in the licorice, can cause male erectile dysfunction and changes in the body that may possibly lead to the demise of Valentine’s night between a couple.

5. Mints

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Photo courtesy of Yonatan Soler

You might be tempted to pop one of these bad boys in your mouth, because who likes kissing someone with funky breath? Rather than depending on handfuls of mints, it might be better to invest in one of those classic mouth sprays or even simply brush your teeth. The methanol in mints happens to be the arch nemesis of libido, altering hormonal and sexual instincts for the worst.

6. Fried Foods

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Photo by Chelsea Hawk

If I were offered a bacon-wrapped hot dog or animal style fries any day other than Valentine’s Day, hook it up immediately. But if you’re looking to “do the deed” with a special someone, both of you can probably agree that eating foods with tons of trans fats and blood sugar might turn you into beached whales. Sad.

7. Soda/Diet Soda

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Photo courtesy of Stéphane Pompougnac on Creative Commons

Similar to fried foods, soda and diet soda are not smart drinks to consume right before passionate lovemaking. Artificial sweeteners in soda affects your bodily activities, mostly on serotonin. With serotonin being the neurotransmitter of happiness, nobody’s going to enjoy anything that goes on around that night with libido plummeting in correlation.

8. Popcorn

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Photo by Erica Coulter

For those of you who want to keep it simple and “Netflix and chill,” try to omit the popcorn from the situation, especially if you’re planning to do some stuff after with your partner. The different synthetics that line microwavable bag would destroy your sexual desire tremendously. Eating too much popcorn can even affect your prostate, so for those males that don’t want pains in the lower regions, stay away from this movie snack.

9. Coffee

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Photo by Abby Reisinger

If you’re trying to get hyped and excited for some alone time during your Valentine’s Day, some may think caffeine from coffee will exhilarate the experience and make it a night to remember. However, the only thing you will remember is a terrible time. Although coffee does inevitably pump the human body with energy, it also creates anxiety, making one nervous or tense while performing and therefore not getting the best results.

10. Canned Soups

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Photo by Kelli Haugh

Soups can be a romantic food, especially during Valentine’s Day when both you and your partner just want something nice, warm, and hearty to set the mood. The trick here is to make your own soup rather than hitting the canned soups (you might regret it later). Canned soups have alarming large amounts of sodium in them, causing restricted blood flow to some parts of the body (including the genitals).

11. Asparagus


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Photo courtesy of Maggie Gorman

Scientifically, there’s really nothing wrong with asparagus I guess. But c’mon. The first thing you think of when you think asparagus is the whole “making your pee smell funny” shenanigan. It’s clearly not going to be helpful in any kink that you may have with food. Just saying the word makes you cringe a little bit.