With the holidays approaching, there's a high chance that most of us are freaking the eff out. Since the vast majority of families have some form of booze at their holiday gatherings, we've figured it'd be nice to help provide a guide to let you know which booze would be best picks at the table this year for the 2017 holidays.


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Meg Browder

Brandy/Cognac is more or less known for being one of the stronger choices, which is why I've included the following brand into this article: 

Hennessy V.S Cognac

Listen, it is understood that this is a very basic brand to go with since it’s already insanely popular to drink, but when you drink Henny, Hennything is possible.

Henny in hand, you can confidently go slay the conversation with your absurdly annoying family member who you probably are unable to tolerate while sober.


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Tulsa Williams

While some people might think that your regular old apple cider is being discussed, it's not. Spiked cider is a thing, and the standard alcohol content is typically a little more than the standard beer, but not as much as a glass of wine.

Although cider is more of a fall drink, here are some ciders that you can drink during the 2017 holidays- aka wintertime.

Angry Orchard

While this cider is more commonly sold in supermarkets, it tastes more of apple juice than of cider. It’s safe to say that this cider is a step up from normal apple cider, but it’s kind of like a wannabe beer alcohol-content-wise.

Wölffer Dry Rosé Cider

Get familiar with this brand because you'll be hearing a lot about Wölffer products. This cider is particularly appealing because one of the main ingredients in rosé, which everyone knows we can still drink despite it being winter.

Besides, who doesn’t like pink colored drinks? Bonus points are also given for the sleek packaging.

Stella Artois

Yes, Stella Artois is more or less known for their beer, but you know what? Beer isn’t necessarily appropriate for the 2017 holidays. At the least, Artois is affordable for what you get. It goes to prove that not all cheap brands taste that way


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Lucy Carlisle

Once upon a time, a young, a wise man by the name of Drake mused about the following in his song Signs: “Champagne with breakfast while I’m yawning.”

While champagne is usually consumed on New Year’s and New Year’s Eve, there’s nothing wrong with consuming it throughout the entire duration of the 2017 holidays.

While some people will pick up the cheapest champagne possible and call it a day, others know that on the holidays you should treat yourself to something fancier.

Dom Perignon

While this is one of the more expensive bottles, it’s worth it if you’re one to rarely drink champagne. Between the prestige of the brand and the fact that this bottle is going to last you for a while, you might as well go ahead and splurge.

Mionetto Prosecco Brut

Sometimes, you need to stop drinking shitty champagne and go with something more upscale, which is where Mionetto comes in. Although their beverages are more on the strong side, they’re worth it if you need something strong to get you through the night.

Möet & Chandon Ice Imperial

The main selling point with this champagne is that it can be served on ice, which is a good thing because you won't have to worry about it getting flat anytime soon due to heat.

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot is popular for their yellow label champagne. While it runs at about $60+ per bottle, it can’t hurt to see what everyone is raving about. Besides, if you end up not liking it, you can always try and use the rest of the bottle to make these cocktails


Mackenzie Patel

While rumor has it that gin lovers are a little wacky, that’s not necessarily true – especially if it’s the one thing that’s keeping you sane during the 2017 holidays.

Gin is derived from juniper berries and comes in a few different colors, which makes it a good choice for the table this year. Here are a few different brands of gins that you should try.

Magellan Gin

While this bottle is moderately priced at around $65 for 1.75 liters of blue gin, it’s a classic that is too gorgeous to pass up. Another plus is that its alcohol content is 44%, which isn’t so bad for such a big bottle.

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth’s gin is one of the more affordable bottles on this list. It’s close to being your standard well gin, but the incredibly smooth texture of helps it stand out when compared to other gins.

Wölffer Estate Pink Gin

While it’s nowhere near the strongest gin out there, it has several distinctive features– its color and the fact that its alcohol content is 40%.


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Rachael Marks

Rum is a popular drink choice. You might still be stuck in your college days where drinking Malibu was the norm, but chances are, you’re an adult now, so kiss Malibu goodbye in exchange for either one of these brands.

Bacardi Superior Rum

Maybe you’re in the mood to get drunk quickly, which is completely understandable. Bacardi Superior Rum is a step up from Malibu, won’t break the bank, and will get the job done quick enough, which in some cases, is completely necessary.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

One of the few things that is enjoyed about Sailor Jerry is that the texture and the flavor don’t clash with one another.

Another fun fact about this rum in particular is that Tipsy Scoop uses it in one of its flavors (and we are always fans of Tipsy Scoop).


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Jocelyn Hsu

While tequila is most popular on Taco Tuesday and "Cinco de Drinko", you might as well drink some during the 2017 holidays – especially if you're looking for something less salty than that one family member who's always negative.

It's not the night to be drinking some Aztec Gold, so here are some options as to what you should be drinking instead.

Código 1530 Rosa

One of the best reasons to get this tequila is because it’s pink, which makes it different from all other tequilas that are currently on the market. Take a walk on the wild side and try something new.

Don Julio Blanco

One reason to get this tequila for the holidays this year is because it’s popular. It’s one that you can count on if all else manages to fail, which isn't too hard when everyone is stressed out.

Espolòn Blanco

While Espolòn is the cheapest tequila on this entire list, it gets the job done. Not all bottles have to break the bank to be worth a purchase. It might not taste the best, but it beats not having any tequila at all.

Patron Silver

Again, regardless of what happens at the table this year, going with Patron Silver is playing it safe. You might not know what everyone else likes, so for those who don't know their tequila preference, this brand would be a good choice.


While most people stereotype vodka solely as "the thing that Russians drink", we're to say that vodka is "the thing that anyone can drink if they want to, as long as they're of age."

One thing to keep in mind is that you're not in college anymore, so picking up some cheap bottle of Smirnoff, Burnett's, or Svedka just won't cut in anymore – especially during the holidays. On that note, here are some alternate brands to purchase.


The thing with Ciroc is that it’s extremely filtered and pairs well with mixers. If you don’t believe me or are in the mood to try some Ciroc, a great mixed drink to try is the mango flavor with some Sprite. Something to note though, Ciroc usually starts around $42 per bottle, which is a lot, but not as much as Grey Goose.


Similar to Ciroc, Effen’s vodka is also smooth and comes in an array of flavors. However, one of the differences between the two brands that’s worth mentioning is that Effen is cheaper, in case you're watching your wallet. 

Grey Goose

Some people might consider Grey Goose “fake vodka” since it is French, therefore neither Russian or a drink that's meant to be consumed for the 2017 holidays, but that doesn’t stop it from being smooth enough for the pickiest of palettes. 


Stolichnaya – it’s strong, has flavor, and is probably the best vodka to purchase if you’re into getting the biggest deal for your buck. This is because an absurdly small amount goes the longest way – if you don’t believe me (which you probably don’t), try drinking some straight and then come hit me up.


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Brogan Dearinger

Tito’s is great if you’re looking for a more affordable vodka that you don’t mind sharing and mixing. It’s good if you want a vodka lemonade, but other than that, I’d pass.


As Childish Gambino once said, "whiskey for a grown man." What I say is as follows: "whiskey is for anyone that's looking to have something strong this holiday season."

Normally, we'd suggest that you should get a bottle of Fireball or Jack Daniels if you're in the mood for whiskey. However, since most people drink those on the daily anyway, here's what you should get:

WhistlePig Straight Rye 10 Year

While this whiskey is at least $75/bottle from what is seen, it's meant to last for a while. Also, you can be sure that it's on the stronger side. It is aged, so it's had some time to sit around and think about how it should "man up."

Johnnie Walker Black Label

While Johnnie's whiskey is a cheaper alternative to WhistlePig, it certainly doesn't sacrifice in quality. Also, while both whiskeys are smooth, it's easier to get plastered quicker with Johnnie's "Black Label" since the "prestige" of the brand doesn't get in the way of some good fun.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

It may be Irish, but don't a lot of people wish that they could be Irish too? While the taste of this whiskey might be a little off putting when drinking it straight (like most alcohol), try chilling it or mixing it for an overall better taste.


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Caroline Ingalls

Although Christmas/Christmas Eve and New Year's/New Year's Eve all fall on days that aren't Wednesday, you now have another excuse to drink wine.

You might be tempted to get the cheapest wine possible in bulk, but it's the holidays, which means that you should go all out and be bougie with your wine choice.



What we enjoy about Underwood is that their wines are smooth. Each can contains roughly half of a bottle of wine in it, and the exterior design can be easily confused for ginger ale – so if you're drinking it outdoors and anyone asks you if it's ginger ale, you can just say yes.

The Drop

One of the few things that we like the most about The Drop is that their cans are small, powerful, tasty, and easy to transport around with you. The size of the cans are so small that people wouldn’t even be able to tell that there’s wine in there.



The Pinot Project

One of the reasons that The Pinot Project’s red wine is the only red wine that’s on this list is because of its quality and affordability. It doesn’t taste like other cheap wines, and also doesn’t lack in its taste.


Mionetto Gran Rosé

Liz Abere

Whenever I go to my usual sushi spot in the city, this is all that I will have to drink. It’s more on the dry side, but it has a nice flavor and texture to it – not to mention that the color of it is extremely gorgeous.

Whispering Angel

Yes, this is the same rosé that Sugarfina uses. Is it good? If you like your rosé on the stronger side, then yes, it’s very good.

Wölffer's Summer in a Bottle

Some people really miss summer, and for those of you who fall into that category, this is one of the best rosés on the market. It’s light and refreshing, which is a change if dealing with your family during the holidays is everything but that.

Summer Water

We fully understand that the holidays are in the winter and the title of this bottle of rosé directly screams summer. But do you want to know why it’s on this list?

It’s affordable, has flavor, and is secretly water, which means that it’s healthy for you. Don’t forget to drink 8 glasses of it a day... well, maybe not, but strive for as many as you’re capable of drinking.


Wölffer Estate White Table Wine

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Jaime Wilson

Just like the name of the wine says, it’s meant to be on the table for quick and easy consumption. It’s not the best white wine in the entire world, but at least it’s something and is relatively affordable. 


Saraceni Blue Bubbles

Yes, this wine is blue and is sold internationally in the states and in Italy. It is bubbly, its ABV is 7% and it smells like grapes.

Given that this article has a plethora of alcohol brands to choose from for the holidays, it's safe to say that there's literally something for everyone. Now there won't have to be any fighting with your aunt at the dinner table this year.