Ah yes, tequila. That love/hate relationship that brings back memories of many nights hunched over the nearest toilet. I do enjoy me a nice tequila shot every so often with some salt and a lime, but what I didn’t know was that tequila is actually good for you. Yup, you heard that right. Tequila has a healthy side. Now before you start chugging that bottle of Patron like shoenice didlet me explain exactly what I mean by healthy.

1. It Can Lower Blood Sugar 

A major sugar produced by the agave plant named agavins, could trick your body into thinking it’s eating sugar. Agavins aren’t digested by our bodies so we taste sugar without it actually entering our blood streams. More research is needed, but this new research presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society could prove to be huge in the diabetes world.

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2. Cold Remedy 

In between blowing your nose and downing orange juice like it’s your job, consider throwing back a shot of tequila. Agave contains a chemical called saponin which has been shown to increase immune response in your body. Shooting some ‘quila right before you get sick may help ward off any potential colds in your future. Party over here.


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3. It Aids in Weight Loss

Well that’s a new one—an alcohol that can actually help you lose weight. Say it ain’t so, but science is here to shut you up. Lab mice fed a diet including agavins showed to lose weight and stay full longer. Even better, tequila shots also cut down on the calories. Since it’s often enjoyed with salt and lime, you don’t need that sugary chaser handy.

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4. Sleep Aid

This is a no brainer right? 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor. But actually tequila has a relaxing affect on our neurological system. This doesn’t mean ripping shots until you black out, but a shot or two before bed wouldn’t hurt every so often. Plus, how badass would it be to tell someone you take a shot of tequila before going to bed, amirite?

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5. Helps Prevent Dementia 

You drink a bunch of tequila and then don’t remember you did actually dance with that cougar at the bar last night. However a study out at Wake Forest University tells us that drinking tequila could actually help reduce our risk of getting dementia by 37 percent. So while it may not help find where you left your ATM card last night, in the long run you’ll be covered.

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More Tequila, Please.

What happens when tequila shots get boring? I guess that just means you’re going to have to eat it. Yep, there are plenty of tequila soaked foods that will deliver all the health benefits of above plus more.

Deep Fried Tequila Bites

Remember how the saying goes you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Well this solves that problem by combining a tequila-soaked cube of sponge cake with the wonderful crunch of deep frying. Don’t worry about the cooking taking away any of the alcohol in the cake, they’ll remain strong enough to party.


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Tequila Mac and Cheese

You have the drunchies and want to eat but don’t want to kill that buzz you’ve got going on. Low and behold, the tequila mac and cheese comes in to the rescue.


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Watermelon Wedges 

Summertime and the livin’ is hot. Something cold would be kickass but all you have is tequila and some watermelon hanging’ in the fridge. Combine the two and have drunken watermelon wedges. Watermelon wasted.

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Tequila Popsicles

Imagine biting down on a tequila popsicle mid-frisbee during spring break in Mexico. The best part is there’s no cooking, just pour and freeze.

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If you’re stilly thirsty for some tequila: