We all know that drinking the same thing every weekend (like Smirnoff) can get a little old, right? If you're sick of that $5 André, there are plenty of cheap Champagnes that might even be a little better.

Although most "Champagnes" aren't truly Champagnes (because it's only real champagne if it's made in the Champagne region of France), there are "sparkling wines" or proseccos, and some pretty good bubbly alternatives, too. No need for a celebration to try these options out. They're cheap enough for any night of the week. 

1. Korbel California Champagne

With over 10 types of California Champagne ranging from dry to sweet, Korbel California Champagne has something for everyone. Korbel Champagne is made méthode champenoise, which means that the Champagne is fermented in the same bottle that it's served from. The result is Champagne that's light and refreshing, with dozens of bubbles to satisfy your cheap Champagne needs.

Price: $9.57

2. Cooks California Champagne 

Another California Champagne, Cook's is another brand with options for everyone, with options like extra dry, rosé and moscato. Cook's Champagne was first made in 1859, making it the first American Champagne ever made. The Cook's tradition of creating quality Champagne hasn't changed since.

Price: $6.99

3. Barefoot Bubbly

With flavors like pink moscato, berry, orange, peach, and pineapple, Barefoot Bubbly is definitely geared towards bubble lovers with a sweet tooth. However, if super fruity Champagne isn't your thing, Barefoot also has several other options. If you want a more classic taste, Barefoot makes an extra dry Champagne, and a brut cuvée.

Price: $6.99

4. Menage a Trois Prosecco

A bit more expensive than your normal $7 Champagne, Ménage a Trois prosecco is worth every extra penny. Crisp, citrusy, and full of bubbles, this prosecco will be your new fave. Although it's technically sparkling wine and not Champagne, you won't even care after your 5th glass. It's that good.

Price: $10.49

5. Yellow Tail Bubbles

Although Yellow Tail only has two options for cheap Champagne, they should not be underrated. They have both white and rosé sparkling wine, and they're equally sweet and fizz filled. The kangaroo on the bottle comes from the company's roots in Australia, where a third of the grapes used in the wine now are grown.

Price: $5.97 

6. Cupcake Prosecco

Another winery that has expanded to making bubbles, Cupcake Vineyards has made their own prosecco. With notes of lemon, peach, grapefruit, and honeydew, this prosecco is citrusy and refined. Made in the Veneto and Friuli regions of Italy, this cheap Champagne will make you feel like you're sitting in Italy instead of a mediocre dorm room.

Price: $8.77.

7. J. Roget American Champagne 

The cheapest option on this list, J.Roget Champagne is bubbly with hints of apple and pear. With several options, such as spumante, extra dry, and brut, J.Roget is a more classic brand. Another California Champagne, J.Roget Champagne is perfect for any occasion.

Price: $4.31

Get poppin'!