From time to time, we've all had a moment that left us wanting some sort of an alcoholic drink...Or five. When it comes to drinking, most people end up having a case of the drunkies. Having the drunkies is not a fun experience, but it could be fun with the help of Sugarfina and their products.

For those who don't know what Sugarfina here, Sugarfina is more of a luxury candy store that's known for infusing some of their products with alcohol. Sounds amazing, right? Sometimes, I think that the only better thing than having candies with alcohol infused in them is having more alcohol as you're having these candies.

Trust me, it's really fun. With that being said, here's which alcoholic drink you should have with these Sugarfina candies.

Rosé Roses: Pineapple Pinot Grigio Mojito

When it comes to ordering anything alcoholic, there's a specific quote that I swear by heavily: "when in doubt, have more wine." With this being said, your rosé intake doesn't need to stop past these rosé roses. Have the roses as you make this pinot grigio mojito.

Champagne BearsStrawberry Basil Sorbet Bellini

Champagne infused into gummy bears sounds great, but is even better when you have something to drink with them. This bellini in specific will give an extra boost of flavor as you're having these bears, which will make the bears the best gummies that you've ever had. Make this drink.

Jamaican Rum Snowballs: Baileys Martini

Imagine your favorite creamy, powdered snack shrunken down into these little balls but with the added bonus of rum in them. Then, imagine having some even creamier martinis to have along with these balls. Do yourself a favor and transport yourself into this creamy land whenever you want to escape from adulting and from all of your life problems. Make this drink.

Limoncello CordialsItalian Cookie Cocktail

These cordials may be sweet, but the Italian Cookie Cocktail may be sweeter. The sweetness doesn't have to stop after each bite of the cordials. If you like the sweeter things in life, you'll definitely like this super sweet combo. Make this drink.

Martini Olive Almonds: Paloma Cocktail

These non-alcoholic, chocolate martini olives deserve to be paired with a very special alcoholic drink, which happens to be the Paloma. Make this drink.

Pale Ale PintsSweet and Sour Cherry Sparkler

The sweetness and smoothness from these pints need to be toned down just a little bit. With the help of the Sweet & Sour Cherry Sparkler that's vodka based, you'll be able to have a go-to combo whenever you want something more than just a snack. Make this drink.

Rosé All Day Bears: Cape Cod Cocktail

These rosé bears are two things: delicious and flavorful. The taste that they leave in your mouth calls for something to make the flavors pop a little more. The perfect alcoholic drink to have with these bears is the Cape Cod cocktail due to its amazing taste. Make this drink.

24K Gold Champagne MarshmallowsBlue Milk of Tatooine

If you're a marshmallow lover, then you should definitely try out these marshmallows. They're super unique and are bound to make you feel like the boss that you're meant to be. Pair them with this even more unique cocktail and you'll be left with a super unique combo. Make this drink.