Adulting is hard and sometimes you just need a little sugar-filled treat after a long day at work or school (or literally any time of the day). With the growing popularity of “adult candy boutiques,” Sugarfina has proven to be the leader of this trend. Sourcing their candies from independent candy makers across the world from Italy to Greece to Japan, Sugarfina brings some of the most creative and unique candies to its customers, not to mention offering some of their most popular ones to buy in bulk for wedding favors or simple tea parties.

Take this quiz to find out which Sugarfina candy you should try on your next visit to one of their boutiques.

  1. It's Sunday morning in San Francisco and you're in need of your morning coffee. Where do you go?

  2. It's the perfect weather for a beach trip with some friends. What's your group's go-to?

  3. Your fave treat on a hot day is:

  4. Your dream summer cruise destination is:

  5. Your favorite fruit-infused detox water is: