Ever wake up feeling tired and groggy? Ever not want to get out of bed? Ever just grab an overripe banana and run straight to class? Been there, done that.

If you want to make your mornings 100 times more exciting, what better way than to whip up some easy, delicious candy filled breakfast recipes? Whether you’re into scones, donuts, pancakes, or parfaits, we got you covered. Plus, these recipes are guaranteed to give you that boost of energy (or sugar high) you need to start your day.

1. Almond Joy Scones


Photo by Jessica Sion

Since nobody really likes Almond Joys, might as well make the best of them and whip up some delicious chocolate coconut scones.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes


Photo by Lucy Rubin

One bite into those cloud-like chocolatey saucers and you’ll suddenly be in a dream world.

3. Easy Candy Donuts


Photo by Jayna Goldstein

Buy some of your favorite donuts and “glue” on whatever candy your heart desires.

4. Reese’s Croissant


Photo by Jayna Goldstein

Treat yourself to something a little more gourmet than just leftover sweets.

5. Nerds, Butterfinger, and Crunch Bar Pancakes


Photo courtesy of melaniemakes.com

These pancakes are a triple threat: colorful and crunchy Nerds, chocolate nugget Crunch Bars, and flaky and crispy peanut butter Butterfinger. Sounds like my kind of meal.

6. M&M Waffles


Photo courtesy of craftyhousewife.com

If waffles are your thing (shoutout to Leslie Knope), you’ve got to try this M&M waffle recipe topped with homemade whipped cream.

7. Candy Corn, M&M, Cranberry Orange Scones


Photo courtesy of ladybehindthecurtain.com

For all you candy corn lovers out there, candy corn scones do exist. The sweet candy corn and M&Ms contrast perfectly with the more bitter orange and cranberries. Yum. Perfect for those Halloween candy leftovers.

8. Snickers Scone


Photo courtesy of bakeat350.blogspot.com

Definitely not your traditional scone. If you have a sweet tooth early in the morning, these scones will satisfy your craving.

Make this simple poundcake recipe with a Milky Way, butter, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla glaze.

9. Candy Cane Cinnamon Rolls


Photo courtesy of purelytwins.com

The perfect treat Christmas morning. Plus, these are gluten, grain, egg, dairy and yeast free.

10. 3 Musketeers Hot Chocolate


Photo courtesy of bitememore.com

This might be the sexiest hot chocolate I’ve ever seen. And all you need to create this yourself is brown sugar, cocoa powder, whole milk, and 3 Musketeers.

11. Iced Rolo Caramel Coffee


Photo courtesy of lovebakeread.com

What’s a morning without some iced coffee? Use your leftover rolos and enjoy this refreshing, caffeinated, and caramel drink.