Whether you are staying at home having a wine and cheese night with your friends, out to a classy dinner with your parents or slapping the bag at a party, wine is a great drink to both have and enjoy. But as much as we all love it, wine can be hard to bring places because glass bottles can be a hassle, and you need to have a bottle opener (or try one of these tactics) and cups for everyone. Thank heavens for canned wines.

With the plethora of canned wines now flooding the market, you can say goodbye to all the headaches that come alone with heavy, fragile glass bottles. This list of canned wines covers every variety from white to red to bubbly—there’s a can for every wine lover. And once you’ve tried them, any stigma that you have towards canned wines is sure to disappear. You can pat yourself on the back knowing that drinking canned wine is eco-friendly, so essentially, your next drink is a #GoGreen good deed just waiting to be done.

1. Infinite Monkey Theorem

canned wines

Photo courtesy of @infinite_chimp on Instagram

This British-winemaker-turned-Texan is pumping out over 200,000 cases of canned wine every year, along with other beautifully bottled vino. Infinite Monkey Theorem wines lives up to their motto, “ridiculously good wine in a can,” with surprising quality and choices from Moscato, red, white and even rosé.

2. Sofia Mini Blanc de Blanc

canned wines

Photo courtesy of @coppolawine on Instagram

These precious little pink cans will have you feeling like the queen that you are, as you sip them poolside with the conveniently packed pink straw. These mini versions of the Coppola Winery’s Sofia Blanc de Blanc boast convenient packaging, but the sheer beauty of these cans make them perfect for taking anywhere you go, and they will surely impress all of your friends. (Great for a girls night, it goes without saying that they would pair wonderfully with a blissful creation of wine ice cream.)

3. Underwood

canned wines

Photo courtesy of @unionwinecompany on Instagram

Union Wine Company specializes in making affordable wines from Oregon for everyone to enjoy. They are a small company with three lines of wine, one of which is Underwood. The line features four different varieties that come in ready-to-go 375ml cans.

Union crafts these wines in their Oregon vineyard so that they can be enjoyed on the go or cracked open at home after a long day of work (or school). Union strives to make the best, most convenient product they can without sacrificing any of the taste that they are known for and it shows.

4. Fiction by Field Recordings

canned wines

Photo courtesy of @amuseewine on Instagram

Field Recordings is famed California winemaker Andrew Jones‘ personal collection of single vineyard sites that produce wine with personality. Jones has created two lines of canned wine to add to his carefully curated collection. The Fiction label is the original spin-off and offers three boozy choices: red, pinot gris, and rosé—all in 500ml cans. Known for its bold flavor palette, Fiction wines are sure to prove to any anti-can wine drinker that these are the real deal.

For more cheap and classy wines, try Trader Joe’s line.

5. Alloy Wine Works

canned wines

Photo courtesy of @makersandallies on Instagram

Andrew Jones’ other line of canned wines is known for their more romantic and rural flavors (they are also brilliantly crafted in a 500ml ready-to-go can). They’re perfect for that wine snob friend everyone has, the who is always on the go but refuses to comprise taste or quality.

6. Lila

canned wines

Photo courtesy of @lilawines on Instagram

These fun and bold canned wines are trying to get you to “think outside the glass” and #CanTheCork. Lila has three wines—a sauvignon blanc, rosé and pinot grigio—that come from grapes all over the world. All of Lila’s wines are on the lighter side, and so are perfect for a hot summer day or those who can’t quite handle a heavy glass of red wine. Each box of Lila comes with four cans, each containing 8.4oz, which is about two servings and makes the drink extra convenient for sharing with friends.

7. The Drop

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Photo courtesy of @thatroselife on Instagram

This California company is embracing the Cali surf lifestyle and gets its name from the surfing term “the drop,” which is the make-or-break decision to paddle directly into a wave when it is crashing behind you. This leaves you either one hundred percent in, or one hundred percent washed out. The wine company is inspired by those who chase “the drop,” and so decided to fully commit to creating a Californian rosé in a can. The fun and clever art on the can, along with the light and fruity taste will leave you dreaming about this wine every Thursday as you sit at your desk counting down till you can begin your wine night.

8. Presto

canned wines

Photo courtesy of @vinoviav on Instagram

You may have tried this sparkling wine in a bottle before, but now you don’t need to worry about looking chill as you struggle to pop the cork—they have made it conveniently into a can. If you trust Whole Foods’ opinion, then you have to try Presto Sparkling Cuvée. This classy can is imported from Italy and is every bit as sophisticated as you deserve for your next picnic.

9. Flasq

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Photo courtesy of @1001wineandspirits on Instagram

Although this is not technically a can, but rather a metal bottle with a nice twist top, I’m still counting it. The sleek design of Flasq is just one of the reasons why you should go pick it up for your next romantic picnic for two. It is conveniently two servings of wine in one easy-open bottle, perfect for sharing with that special someone or close friend. Flasq’s two wines, merlot and chardonnay, are both from Napa Valley.

10. Neowines

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Photo courtesy of Neowines on Facebook

This classy canned wine comes all the way from Switzerland made with only the best grapes from a vineyard facing Lake Geneva. Even just pronouncing the names of these wines makes you instantly feel classier. Neowines offers two varieties, White Lavaux  and Lavuax Rose.

11. Babe Rosé with Bubbles

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Photo by Julia Muro

If you haven’t heard of White Girl Rosé by Josh Ostrovsky aka @TheFatJewish and David Oliver Cohen aka @WhiteGrlProblem, then you are probably living under a rock. The two Instagram sensations decided to do the most basic thing possible—they made a rosé. After the huge success of their White Girl Rosé, they launched a new fantastic sparkling rosé called Babe.

The cute four pack—covered in motivational messages from the founders themselves—is perfect for girls night out, or just cracking open when life is a #struggle.