In case you needed another reason to drink more tequila, here’s seven. Tequila is famous all around the world, but not many know that it serves as more than just a liquid courage. If you’re like most college kids, you have tried your first tequila shot at a) a frat, b) spring break (Cancun) or c) not sure I remember?… But actually a moderate consumption of tequila could have beneficial results.


Photo by by Renée Wool

Check out these cool things that tequila does:

1. Dissolves fat

Tequila helps the levels of cholesterol in the blood to fall, which helps you improve your cardiovascular health and prevents you from being a candidate for a heart attack. It has also been proven to help people with weight loss.

2. Helps your digestive system

A shot before lunch can fuel the appetite and help you stay full, while one after a big dinner can aid your digestion and get you ready to party as soon as possible. Pair it with a glass of water to make it even more affective.


3. Doesn’t give you a hangover

Don’t think it’s true? Read the facts, quality tequila which has “100% Agave” does not give you those atrocious headaches the next morning. US regulations allow it to be called tequila even if it contains 49% of other liquids and liquor. And we all know that mixing alcohol is never a good idea.


Photo by by Renée Wool

4. It can help cure your cold

A mixture of tequila, agave syrup and fresh lemon juice can help you feel better before a night out.

5. You can cook with it

Aged tequilas are the best for sipping, but standard varieties work well to add a little fire power to both sweet and savory dishes. Recipes vary from Tequila Pork Chile Verde to tequila-flavored ice cream. Yum.

6. It’s almost sugar-free

Most liquor is very high in sugar and is even worse when combined with a sweet syrup to make a cocktail. Tequila has significantly less sugar, which means you can hit the bar and keep your New Years resolution (if it has lasted this long).


Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

7. You look like a badass when you roll up with a bottle of tequila to the pre-game

There is nothing basic about tequila, and you can be sure that everyone will be up for a shot. So next time you’re not sure what to bring to the party, don’t hesitate, grab a bottle of tequila.

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