So you've decided to spend your Friday night in, or maybe you've been invited to a last-minute holiday party, or perhaps you even have a hot date and you've been put in charge of bringing the wine. So what does a broke college student with zero wine expertise and some serious time constraints do? Don't panic, I've got you. Here are three cheap wines you can get at 7/11 that are perfect for any situation when you just need a decent bottle of wine. 

Yosemite Road's Cabernet Sauvignon

wine, red wine, alcohol, liquor, grape
Gemima Cadet

Price: $4.99

Taste: Pretty heavy on the on the booze flavor, but has a surprisingly pleasant oaky aftertaste.   

Occasion: Perfect for a rough breakup or a failed exam, but this wine is also great for a night in with the girls. 

Aesthetics: Very hipster label design that almost makes you want to go for a hike.

This Cabernet Sauvignon is very heavy on the alcohol flavor, which makes sense because it's the most alcoholic item on this list, clocking in at 12.5% abv. It also doesn't hurt that this is the cheapest and best tasting wine in the entire store. Perfect for a night with the girls, or a solo night with Netflix. Either way, I'm definitely not judging.

Casillero del Diablo's Cabernet Sauvignon

wine, alcohol, liquor, beer, red wine
Gemima Cadet

Price: $9.99

Taste: Smooth and oaky, with a slight aftertaste of dark chocolate.

Occasion: Perfect for dinner party/dinner date.

Aesthetics: Fancy schmancy and elegant—it definitely looks like it cost more than ten bucks #win. 

For a cheap wine bottle, this Cabernet Sauvignon from Central Valley, Chile is perfect for a fancy dinner party with friends or coworkers, or even a hot date. The nutty and rich flavors work wonderfully with a nice juicy steak, an herby side dish, or even a platter of fancy cheeses. 

Menage A Trois's California Red Wine

wine, alcohol, liquor, red wine, grape
Gemima Cadet

Price: $11.99

Taste: Super smooth, with a well balanced tangy oak flavor. 

Occasion: Hot date 

Aesthetics: Elegant and Sexy 

This wine is the priciest of the three, but it's definitely more than worth it. With a provocative name like Menage a Trois, this California red wine is definitely the perfect bottle for a rendezvous with a lady friend or a gentleman caller. This red wine is the perfect way to get in the "mood," if you know what I'm saying.

Whether it's for a lone night in watching Netflix, a hot date, or a fancy dinner party, if you ever need a cheap (but decent) bottle of red wine, all you need to do is get yourself to a 7/11 and you'll be all set. Your hangover the next morning might not be too happy about it, but your wallet will thank you later.