Recently, new and trendy foods have become an important sector of pop culture. Mix that with New York, and out comes a child known as Tipsy Scoop. At Tipsy Scoop, they bring ice cream and booze together to have kids and then serve them in different variations. In their barlour, they also serve shots, cups, and cones. Needless to say, it's every adult's dream come true.

Although having boozy ice cream all day everyday would be ideal, it's just not practical. So before you eat your heart out with Tipsy Scoop, you might want to eat some of these trendy foods beforehand.. or after.

Salty Pimp Cone - Spiked Hazelnut Coffee

This trendy food and Tipsy Scoop flavor are a match made in heaven because they're both subtle but hit the spot. They both know how to taste good and know that they don't have to compete with one another to win your taste buds over.

Basic B Soft Serve Cone - Chocolate Stout and Pretzel

The main reason for this pairing is aimed towards all chocolate lovers who swear that they have a better chance of getting married to chocolate than to actually get married in real life to another human being.

Crispy Fish Tacos - Strawberry Rhubarb Bourbon

The one thing that makes this a match would be that both the tacos and the strawberry bourbon flavor are relaxed. They just want you to end up feeling just as relaxed as they are so that you don't have to keep going throughout your day while being hangry.

Fruity Cereal Macaron - Mango Margarita Sorbet

This pairing works since both Tipsy Scoop's flavor and the fruity cereal macaron are both sweet - which makes it perfect for those that want a snack or live everyday with a sweet tooth.

Berlina from Dulcinea - "Hot" Buttered Rum

Berlinas and hot buttered rum are meant to be paired together to help you start feeling good about yourself when you start to feel blue. They don't want you to feel like a color - they want you to be happy.

Spaghetti Donut - Maple Bacon Bourbon

While this pairing doesn't sound the most appetizing, it's meant to introduce you to new things that you might not have thought about trying out otherwise. It understands that it's aways good to try new things.

Halo Halo - Strawberry White Sangria Sorbet

Having some halo halo with Tipsy Scoop's strawberry white sangria sorbet is meant to provide you with all of your daily servings of fruits and veggies that you might not have wanted to indulge in otherwise.

Soft Swerve Cone with Ube - Spiked Mint Chocolate Chip

The thing with this pairing is that it's meant to be amazing but low-key while popular all at the same time. It just wants you to Instagram it and then eat it. Don't let it down - just do what it says.

Tres Leches Donut from Doughnut Plant - Cake Batter Vodka Martini

The tres leches donut from Doughnut Plant and the cake batter vodka martini flavor from Tipsy Scoop is one creamy and smooth match. They're both mostly vanilla tasting, which is kind of basic, but when it tastes this good, who cares? Name a better duo, I'll wait.

Unicorn Taiyaki - Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet

The thing with this pairing is that it's meant to be light. This pair understands that you probably want to eat more food later on in the day but doesn't want you to miss out on having a snack.

Red Velvet Half Pound Cookies - Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel

The half pound cookie in red velvet and Tipsy Scoop's dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel have paired together with one another to be surprising. It seems gross but is 100% delicious. 

Dōshake - Red Velvet Martini

The two things that this shake and this flavor from Tipsy Scoop have in common would be that they're innovative and made to perfection. Both have the goal of bringing nothing but satisfaction into your life and want the absolute best for you.

Wandering Bear Cold Brew Mocha Jar - Tequila Mexican "Hot" Chocolate

The reason for pairing the mocha jar with the Mexican "hot" chocolate Tipsy Scoop flavor would be that they're both different in a good way. There are tons of mainstream foods that everyone can get, but when it comes to different kinds of foods, those are usually more "exclusive." 

Unicorn Parade Milkshake - Vanilla Bean Bourbon

The reason that you should try Tipsy Scoop's vanilla bean bourbon flavor based upon this trendy food is because they're both blended to perfection, smooth, bold, and instagramable.