I'm not afraid to say it — I drink Burnett's Vodka, and I actually like it. I'm sure you're probably thinking that that's absurd, and I promise, I’m not trashy. Yes, there are tons of other vodkas out there that probably taste better (and maybe won't leave you with a raging headache the next morning), but there's just something about Burnett’s that make me go straight to it on my trip to the liquor store. Laugh at me all you want, but here are 10 reasons I prefer Burnett’s Vodka that might even convince you to start drinking it as well. 

1. It’s cheap

This is honestly the main reason why I drink Burnett’s. I am admittedly a broke college student and probably shouldn’t even be spending money on alcohol in the first place, so I go for whatever is cheapest. Where I live, Burnett’s is typically around $8 for a small bottle and around $14 for a larger bottle. So yeah, I’d rather spend $8 on subpar liquor than over $20 for the really good stuff. And this way you’ll have more money for more necessary items like food (because that’s what’s most important, right?). 

2. It comes in a bunch of different flavors

Personally, I’m a huge fan of fruity cocktails, so the fact that Burnett’s comes in over 40 different fun, fruity flavors gets me excited. Depending on your location, these include pink lemonade, strawberry banana, hot cinnamon, sweet tea, orange cream, and tropical fruit. They also sell a plain, non-flavored option if you’re not into the fun stuff. With that big of a selection, however, there’s bound to be at least one flavor you like. Not to metion, the drink concoction options are endless

3. It goes well with a variety of mixers...

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Kelly Logan

With all the flavors Burnett’s has to offer, you can make a mixed drink with almost anything. Of course, the plain variety is great for making Bloody Mary’s, screwdrivers, and other classic cocktails, but with the fruity flavors, you can really get creative. The basic fruit kinds provide a good base for mixing in sprite or sparkling water, or for turning a plain vodka tonic into something a little more flavorful. Or, mix a fruit flavor with it’s corresponding juice (like orange-flavored with orange juice) and it’ll taste like you’re not even drinking any alcohol at all. Which brings me to my next point... 

4. You can’t even taste it if you mix it with something good

If you mix Burnett’s with a proper amount of mixer, you honestly won’t be able to taste the alcohol. If I were to have a drink with a more expensive vodka, I wouldn’t be able to taste the difference either, so there’s no point in buying something super expensive that’s just going to be mixed with something else in the end anyway. If you really feel desperate to mask Burnett’s taste, just throw in a strong flavored juice like orange juice or pineapple juice and I promise it’ll go down easy.

5. It comes in a plastic bottle that’s easy for transporting

At some places you can get an even smaller (and cheaper) bottle of Burnett’s that comes in a plastic bottle rather than glass. This makes it easy to travel with, whether you’re taking it on a weekend trip or to your standard Friday night pregame. Additionally, most of the flavors come in airplane bottles that are convenient to carry in your bag for when you need just a small amount while out on the town, or are in for a long flight.

6. You can make bomb alcoholic popsicles with it

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It’s summer, so if you’re like me and are constantly sweating/dying of heatstroke after just taking a step outside, vodka popsicles are your best bet in keeping cool while drinking. With the variety of Burnett’s flavors, you can make a range of popsicles, including some of these babies, or experimenting with your own combinations. These pops are perfect for taking poolside, to the beach, to a darty, or a tailgate — they'll help you stay, as Demi Lovato would say, "cool for the summer." 

7. You can clean with it

Yup that's right, vodka actually makes a pretty good house cleaner. That bottle of (plain flavored) Burnett's is good for cleaning glass surfaces, getting stains out of your clothes, and making your flowers last longer. No judgement if you sneak in a couple shots while cleaning to make the experience a little more enjoyable. 

8. It's relatively lower in calories than other liquors (and beer and wine)

Burnett's (and most other vodkas) is lower in calories than most tequila, gin, whiskey, beer and wine. The difference is slight between liquors; Burnett's rings in at 64 calories per fluid ounce, gins are typically around 73 calories, tequila and whiskey are about 70, and bourbon is around 95. Beer and wine are around 150 calories per can and 120 per glass, respectively, so if you're really watching your calories, then Burnett's is definitely the better route to go.

Mix with flavored sparkling water or another low or no-cal beverage to keep your drink on the lighter side. 

9. No one will steal it, because no one else really likes it

Have you ever been at a party and had a friend take some of your alcohol? Well luckily, I don't have that problem, because when I tell my friends I'm drinking Burnett's, they tend to get a disgusted look on their face and search for someone else's alc to steal. I'm perfectly OK with that, because it means more for me. 

10. Taking shots of it will make you look like a real champ

All the haters out there who believe Burnett's is gross will really think be impressed if they see you taking shots of it straight. I personally don't even think the fruity flavored Burnett's are bad shots to take, but to some it makes you the life of the party. Of course, you should never drink something just because you think it will make you look cool — it's more of like, an added bonus.

#SpoonTip: Spoon University does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. Please drink responsibly (even if you are at a college party and you've chosen to drink Burnett's). 

Clearly, I have a love for Burnett's vodka. And with all of the awesome reasons that make up this love, it's hard to choose another liquor. I know you won't steal mine, but I bet you're taking a step back now and thinking that maybe you should be buying Burnett’s after all. I don't want to say I told you so, but, I told you so.