The countdown to summer has officially begun, which means finals season is almost here. As daunting as exams are, it's important to find moments of fun to balance out the stress, because school is hectic, but making drinks shouldn't be. These easy vodka cocktails are perfect for sharing.

1. Mimosa Bomb 

ice, alcohol, juice, cocktail
Tarika Narain

This is like a mimosa sake bomb, except the sake in this situation is vodka, and it's acceptable to drink at 11 am. When I'm feeling bougie, I'll use tangerine juice and tangerine vodka, but the classic orange juice, Burnett's, and cheap champagne in every student's fridge taste just as glorious together.

2. Pink Matter

ice, juice, cocktail
Caroline Early

Slurpees are (un)surprisingly good at completely masking the flavor of alcohol, but when the only flavor in the machine that's still working is Coke, sometimes you have to improvise. With more alcohol. All you need to make this dreamy pink frosé is a bottle of rosé, sugar, lemon juice, and ice, but I stepped this recipe up with a shot of vodka to balance it out. 

3. Kiss With a Fist

grapefruit, lemon, citrus, sweet, juice
Alexandra Tringali

Everything about this cocktail is wrong. Jalapeño and grapefruit are both ridiculously obscure flavors, but something about the combination of the two makes this work. This fresh recipe is a little more complicated, but you can get the same flavors using grapefruit-jalapeño vodka and a sweet citrus soda like Sprite or Fresca. In the morning, use the vodka to make an extra spicy Bloody Mary.

4. On The Beach

cocktail, lemon, citrus, sweet, juice
Felice Segall

This one seems like a bit of a no-brainer, but this recipe gives all of the flavor of a sex on the beach with just one type of alcohol. This easy cocktail combines the traditional vodka and schnapps by replacing them with peach-flavored vodka. Not sure what to do with the rest of the bottle? Make boozy popsicles.

5. Sorbet Spritzer

wine, cocktail, champagne, alcohol
Olivia Faria

This is the kind of catfish drink that looks and tastes expensive, but is really just a glorified ice cream float. Sorbet is usually sweet, so I'd pair this with dry champagne and tasteless vodka for the most refreshing drink. Bonus points if you make your own sorbet, but sometimes it's okay to do less.

6. Kosmic Kombucha

apple, liquor, soda, alcohol, cocktail, ice, juice
Kathryn Stouffer

There's been a lot of speculation over whether or not kombucha actually has any health benefits, but regardless, it's a great mixer. It's carbonated, flavorful, and essentially tastes alcoholic already. If you're already a kombucha fan you'll love this, but if you're not, a little vodka might change your mind.

7. Lemon Shandy

lemonade, citrus, juice, lemon
Jocelyn Hsu

This is definitely the kind of drink to make for a crowd because you get a lot of bang for your buck. You could use champagne, but cheap beer is actually my choice of filler in this drink. All you need is vodka, a can of frozen lemonade concentrate, and some of your favorite light beer.

8. John Daly

sweet, cocktail, tea, lemon, iced tea, juice, lemonade, ice
Claire Waggoner

I think it's safe to say that everyone knows what an Arnold Palmer is. Half tea, half lemonade, and a staple at every gas station in America, although Golfer John Daly is famous for spiking his with vodka. Either citrus or sweet tea vodka would be perfect in this, but if you're more of a lemonade fan, skip the tea itself and pour in enough sweet tea vodka to taste.

9. Watermelon Fresca

watermelon, juice, sweet, melon
Kathleen Lee

This can 100% be considered a smoothie, and if you drink enough of these you can achieve your five a day in liquid form. The only ingredients you need are watermelon, vodka, and ice, but you can't go wrong adding a little lime and liquid sweetener. Kick off your summer with hydration.

10. Citrus Cooler

lime, lemon, liquor, juice, alcohol, ice, cocktail

The fresh mint in this drink makes it look like you know what you're doing, but it's essentially just another riff on a vodka lemonade. Limeade and mint make this an outrageously refreshing and easy cocktail, which can be served as is or blended with ice to make a vodka margarita.

11. White Sangria 

citrus, ice, orange juice, apple, cocktail, sweet, juice
Grace Goettman

One of the greatest things about sangria is the boozy fruit you get to snack on as you drink it. It's also one of the most foolproof drinks to make, and you can improvise with what you've got on hand. The base is white wine, vodka, juice, and fruit, but extra alcohol and spices are always an upgrade. 

12. Incognito Cocktail

beer, tea, milk, coffee
Sarah Yanofsky

Every college kid is familiar with this sneaky trick, which is a step up from the vodka water bottle we all used in high school. Any fast food cup will do, but vodka with coffee is a serious double buzz. This is also an excuse to use the leftover, super specific vodkas you got in December to mix into hot chocolate. 

Whether you're graduating, starting a new job, traveling, or going to beach week, what better way to celebrate the end of school than with fresh, summery drinks? These easy vodka cocktails are a fantastic excuse to throw one last brunch party with all of your friends before moving out.