Brunch is big in everyone’s minds for a ton of reasons; you can sleep in, you can eat all the food you want without being judged, and you have a perfectly valid excuse to start drinking at ten in the morning. With summer fast approaching, it’s even more tempting to do all three, so here are seven cocktails that’ll take your brunch game to a whole new level and make you look and feel like you’ve got your shit together.

1. Raspberry Lemonade Champagne Punch


Photo by Becca Buchanan

Nothing says summer like lemonade, and with a twist of raspberry Smirnoff and champagne this punch is perfect for brunch on the patio. Champagne is great for any occasion, but why not upgrade your André for something a little more festive?

For something a little different, try this lemon sorbet champagne cocktail.

2. Sangria Slushy


Photo by Kelly Logan

Mix any berries and any wine you want with ice and you have the perfect sweet sip to go along with any of your brunch faves.

#SpoonTip: This one’s also great to pack in a tumbler and take to the beach. Just give it a quick shake and everyone will think you’re drinking a smoothie.

3. Grapefruit Mimosas


Photo by Kelly Logan

It’s hard to believe that a stellar cocktail can be made with just two ingredients, but that’s exactly what this is. With just a little (or a lot) of champagne and a mix of grapefruit juice and grapefruit-flavored soda, you can add a little bit of sparkle, and a little buzz, to your morning.

4. Apple Cider, Pear and Pomegranate Sangria


Photo by Rebecca Buchanan

This sangria may taste like a hint of fall with its apple cider and cinnamon flavors, but with pear, orange and pomegranate pieces it may bring the spice you need to your brunch menu.

#SpoonTip: Try some of this sweetness with any of your savory brunch favorites, like this bacon, egg, cheese, and avocado brunch ring or this bacon and leek quiche.

5. Raspberry Mojito


Photo by Vedika Luthra

Mojitos may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think “brunch cocktail,” but this refreshing blend of raspberries and mint leaves is the sip of summer you never knew you needed.

#SpoonTip: Pair it with huevos rancheros for brunch with a Hispanic flair.

6. South Side


Photo by Julia Murphy

If you’re not feeling a mojito but you like the idea of mint, a South Side cocktail may be what you’re looking for. With a zesty combination of citrus and mint, this drink is perfect for when brunch leaves the table and goes poolside.

7. Bloody Mary


Photo by Max Bartick

Everyone and their mother knows that one of the drinks of choice for brunch is a Bloody Mary. Since summer is tomato season and tomatoes are packed with antioxidants, that means a Bloody Mary is basically a juice cleanse, amirite? Because we all like summer and we all like being healthy, consider serving this Bloody Mary and all its tomato goodness at your next brunch party.

#SpoonTip: All the hipsters love deconstructing shit, which is a huge trend in food right now. Please your party crowd by setting up a Bloody Mary bar where everyone can mix their own drinks (and use this stuff to garnish them.)