During college, we're all either four things: tired, stressed, broke, or all of the above at the same time. One of the few things that most college students do to ease their stress is hang out with friends on the weekend. While this is a good solution for some people, most college students are usually super broke. With the help of the cheapest liquors known to mankind, being broke while wanting to get a little tipsy will no longer be a problem.

#SpoonTip: The prices listed below all correspond to a 750ml bottle of each liquor.

1. New Amsterdam Vodka: $15

blind vodka tasting

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Depending on where you buy your vodka, the price of a standard bottle of New Amsterdam will be $15 or less, but usually is $15. If you opt for its peach flavor, mix it with Sprite.

2. UV Blue - $12

UV Blue Vodka

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Being in college is hard. And after a long week of exams and paper, most students want to unwind with a night out with friends. Good thing that UV Blue makes it possible for many by only costing $12. I hear many good reviews about this sweet tasting vodka. You can mix it with almost any chaser you desire, such as tonic water, lemonade, Sprite, or even Gatorade. 

3. Burnett's - $10

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Lucy Carlisle

Burnett's is a classic among college students. Although I have never had access to it, no matter what you do, always filter it before mixing it. I've been told that Burnett's definitely tastes like what you've paid for. 

4. Smirnoff - $10-$15

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Alex Frank

There's no doubt that Smirnoff is classic cheap vodka, costing just $10 for unflavored and about $15 for flavored. For me, I stick with the pomegranate or pineapple flavors. It makes taking a shot taste a lot less cheap tasting. 

5. Fireball - $15

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Christin Urso

I don't think I've never seen anyone drink Fireball not from the bottle. It's one of those drinks that someone whips out randomly at a party and passes it around the room. Less than $15, Fireball should make an appearance at your next weekend party. Fun Fact: this spicy alcohol is actually from Canada. No need for a mixie, it goes down pretty easily and stirs up a fire in you belly. 

6. Jose Cuervo - $20

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Renee Chiu

You either love tequila or shiver anytime you go near it. Whether you had a good experience with it or not, if your bank account is struggling at $20 on a Friday night, I'd say you got to risk it to get the biscuit. Grab the lime and the salt and prepare yourself for an interesting night.

7. Agavales - $12

water, tequila
Jocelyn Hsu

Need a cheaper tequila than Jose Cuervo? Try Agavales Gold for a penny-saving $12. Once again, you either love tequila or despise it. Either way, tequila must be taken as a shot only, just be aware of the affects from the cheapness. 

8. Dr. McGillicuddy's -  $13

This relatively cheap liquor costs about $13 and comes in an array of flavors. If you grab the mentholmint flavor, you can make some "dirty Girl Scout" shots. Beware of its powers, Dr. McGillicuddy's will get you real drunk, real quick. 

9. Pinnacle - $13


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This is a vodka that isn't going to hurt you the morning after, but is certainly not on the high-quality end. In the end, Pinnacle does its job and keeps some money in your pocket for that late night drunchie. Sprite is always a good mixer, especially paired with the whipped flavor. My go-to flavor is tropical punch mixed with Sparkling Ice—a perfect combination for zero hangovers. 

10. Jim Beam Bourbon - $15

Jack's favorite past time

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Feeling like some bourbon tonight? At $15, this is perfect for any weekend night out. Drink it straight or mix it with a Coke. Words from those who have tried it themselves said this is a cheap college whiskey that is worth the money.

11. New Amsterdam Gin - $15

Gin and tonic using Twisted Nose gin

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Not only does New Amsterdam sell decent cheap vodka, but the brand also sells quality gin for about $15 a bottle. You can easily pair with Sprite or Ginger Ale to make a classic gin and tonic. 

12. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum - $13

The Captain and Coke

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Your wallet will thank you for buying this $13 rum. With every shot, the spiced shot makes a fire in your stomach. One of the more popular rums for college students, there are many different spiced flavors to chose from. Drink it with a Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper or even on the rocks. 

13. Bacardi Rum - $15


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Take it slow when drinking Bacardi 151 Rum. With 75.5% alcohol content, it will leave you for a wild night not matter what. For $15, this rum mixes well with a Coke or fruit juice. Just be aware you might wake up the next morning feeling extremely hungover.

14. Svedka - $14

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Svedka is another cheap vodka that doesn't taste as cheap as the price tag. Costing $14 or less, one of the highly raved flavors is Svedka Citron.

Regardless of which of these 14 cheapest liquors you decide to go with, just remember that your bank account will be thanking you later on.

#SpoonTip: No matter what you're drinking, make sure to always drink responsibly.