After downing several shots with some sugary drink, at some point you must have thought, "There must be a healthier way to do this." While the alcohol you are drinking may not be zero calories, there is a way to make those nights out a bit healthier by switching up your old chasers for these low-calorie options.

1. Seltzer Water

There are several well-known brands of seltzer water that offer a variety of flavors, and the best part is that they're all calorie-free. From LaCroix to Polar Springs, you are sure to find a unique flavor that will suit all of your taste bud's needs. The crisp bubbles are sure to drown out the vomit-inducing taste of that cheap Smirnoff.

2. Lime Wedge

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Sarah Silbiger

Though typically paired with tequila and salt, I've found that limes work to chase any type of alcohol. The sourness immediately takes over your mouth, and the burning is gone. Why should tequila have all the fun? 

3. Zero-Calorie Soda

Almost every soda out there has a counter part with no calories. Although diet sodas aren't technically healthy for you, they are zero calories and zero sugar. If you can't kick that Diet Coke addiction or need a bit of a caffeine pick-me-up, then this is the choice for you.

4. Unsweetened Iced Tea

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Beverage companies like Honest Tea make fun and flavorful choices, but they also stick to the basics and have unsweetened options, AKA zero-calorie options. Some of Honest Tea's options include green tea, lemon tea, and their line of Honest "Fizzes" which are organic, zero-calorie sodas.

5. A Smile 

Chase that $10 vodka down with the biggest smile you can muster. The first few seconds might look like this, but the burning will pass, you will be free of calories, and the best part—you will feel like a BAMF.

Drink up!