Getting tired of ordering the same sandwiches from Subway? Is your usual Starbucks drink starting to taste a bit…meh? Well, have no fear, #HackTheMenu is here. The site contains a thorough compilation of secret menus from popular fast-food restaurants, including Chipotle, Five Guys, In-n-Out, Panera, and Starbucks. The prices of the secret menu items, information on how to order it, and availibility are also available on the website.

Sure, ‘secret’ menu items stopped being secrets a long time ago (I mean, who doesn’t know what In-n-Out Animal Fries are?), but having a site that keeps them all organized in one place can be quite handy at (all) times.

secret menu

Photo by Le Yi (Alice) Zhou

Now, you’ll know how to order all those bizarre “secret menu” drinks at Starbucks without confusing/pissing off the barista. Craving a Captain Crunch berry frappuccino? Ask for a strawberries and creme frappuccino with a pump of caramel syrup, a pump of hazelnut syrup, a pump of toffee syrup, and java chips. Or replace your usual coffee with the three C’s latte by asking for a cinnamon dolce latte with two pumps of chocolate syrup and one pump of caramel syrup.

secret menu

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Whenever you’re feeling adventurous at Subway, order the pizza sub. Craving burgers and grilled cheese? Satisfy both cravings with Five Guy’s patty melt. Coupons and deals (perfect for broke college students), as well as the regular menus, can also be found on the website.