There is no time quite like finals seasons on college campuses across the nation. Caffeine overdoses, all-nighters, libraries full of stressed out college students — finals are probably the least fun part of college. Thankfully, Spoon Texas partnered up with GrubHub to provide the ultimate study break.

GrubHub x Spoon Texas

On December 9th, Spoon Texas and GrubHub brought StudyHub to the University of Texas from 12-3 PM to help get all those tired college students through hell week. There was free food and swag aka a college student's favorite things.

The Breakdown

To participate, students lined up at the Union and filled out information on iPads before getting to fill their plates up with free food. The spread included pizza from Big Bite, donuts from Ken's Donuts, coffee from Starbucks, sodas, and water bottles.
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Jamie Medina

In addition to all the free food, there were tables full of free swag — notebooks, pens, laptop stickers, water bottles, attachable card slots for your phone, and more.

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Jamie Medina

Nothing motivates college students more than hearing the words "free" and "food," so here's to hoping everyone survived. A special thanks to GrubHub for helping us bring some joy and happiness to worn out college students everywhere! 

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Jamie Medina