Howard is the first HBCU (Historically Black College/University) to have a Spoon chapter—whoohoo! I love being at an HBCU for the culture, personal growth, and abundance of Black excellence. But a big part of what has made my HBCU experience so rich are the people.

From Howard to FAMU, there are some characters you’re guaranteed to see everywhere, but not so much anywhere else. Here’s a S/O to a few of those campus personalities that make HBCUs so special.

1. The Greek: Bottomless Mimosas 

Bougie Black people love brunch. When bougie Black people earn their letters, they become bougier—which just makes them brunchier.

2. The Overachiever: Jambalaya

They’re doing the absolute most, much like the many of flavors in this NOLA dish. Nonetheless, jambalaya is rich with flavor, and this student will graduate with a six-figure job lined up.

3. The Superwoke Professor: Ethiopian Coffee

Only the finest beans from Kemet because he wants you to stay woke too.

4. The Party Promoter: Kale

We all wanna be friends with kale, because kale is on the menu of all the hottest restaurants. But remember kids, it’s just a vegetable.

5. The Plug: Ranch-Flavored Sunflower Seeds

I’m pretty sure he’s spitting out shells while you make your… transaction.

6. The Barack/Michelle Wannabe: Macarons

You will never catch a macaron not sitting pretty, basking in its complex deliciousness, reveling in its popularity.

7. The Campus DJ(s): Hot Wings

They’ve been entrusted with the Swag Surf which makes them hot stuff.

8. The One Couple: Twin Pops

Actual couples are hard to find (chalk it up to the ratio), but when you do see one, it’s like hearing the ice cream truck drive up your block. Except, instead of anticipating a cool, sweet treat, you’re just happy for a reminder that Black Love is alive and well.

9. The Administration: Marshmallow Fluff

“A whole group of people whose literal job is to make my matriculation through college a little easier,” you think to yourself. Then you find out it’s just a sticky situation that’s hard to work with.

10. The Girl In Heels With Her Face Beat for a Monday Morning Lecture: Tastykakes

'Cuz shawty out here lookin' like a snack. 

Only at an HBCU.