You know it's finals season when it's only 9 am and your favorite study spot in the library is already taken. We've all been there. Fortunately, UVA provides a wide variety of on and off Grounds locations for students to study besides the library

I find that I'm the most productive when I study in natural sunlight, and I also find it easier to focus sometimes when I switch up my location. While UVA offers a wide variety of great libraries, sometimes you just need to switch it up.

With that, here are some of my favorite locations to study around UVA other than the dark recesses of Clem 1:

Let's start with some on Grounds locations...

1. West Range Café

This café under Hotel E is a great study group or cramming-to-finish-your-group-project spot. West Range is located right next to a bus stop and equidistant from Clark and Alderman libraries, so you're never to far from your familiar favorites.

On a hot day, cool off with a smoothie or mocha Javalanche. Hungry? Check out their sandwiches, which come with a side of addictive (to say the least) seasoned fries.

2. Windows in New Cabell Hall

There’s something captivating about the way scenery affects productivity. The serene landscape of courtyard between Old and New Cabell highlights the surrounding blend of stone, brick and glass.

In between classes, the hallways are quiet enough to knock out some reading. Enjoy the view and get some work done. And, if you're in need of a coffee boost or lunch, never fear, Rising Roll is in the building.

3. Terraces in Nau-Gibson Hall

These little-known outdoor spaces in Nau-Gibson offer great views of C-ville and the surrounding landscape. Enjoy the (hopefully) sunny Virginia weather, and finish up that paper on these terraces.

While you’re in the building, replenish with some Starbucks. It’s the end of the semester, and you officially have the right to drain those Plus Dollars. Go ahead, treat yourself, order the venti and the chocolate chip cookie. You deserve it.

#SpoonTip: Skip the line by downloading Tapingo and placing a pick-up order.

Now, if you're feeling adventurous, let's venture off-Grounds...

4. 1515

This newly-opened student hub on the Corner was quite literally designed to be a late night study space for students. The café is open until after midnight, so you'll have a steady supply of caffeine to fuel your procrastinated paper writing or last minute exam cramming.

Located centrally on the Corner, this brand new study spot is the place to be, especially for those upperclassmen who don't want to make the trek all the way to the library. If you're looking for maximum productivity, I recommend settling down in one of the comfortable arm chairs and getting down to business.

5. Grit Coffee

With three locations in the Charlottesville area, Grit Coffee offers a study spot for everyone. If you don’t want to venture far from Grounds for your caffeine fix, head to Grit's location on the Corner.

Offering a variety of drinks, pastries and seating both indoors and outdoors, Grit is great for a group project meeting or some quite study time upstairs. If you’re trying to get a little further from Grounds, try Grit on the Downtown Mall or in Stonefield. Both locations offer full menus with lots of delicious brain food to fuel your studying.

#SpoonTip: If you're looking for a new study playlist, Grit is definitely the place for you. The music is, without question, always great.

6. Sheepdog Café

Located in the lobby of The Graduate Hotel, Sheepdog Café is a go-to study spot for students living off Grounds. With free wifi, Sheepdog is the place to be for last-minute research. Their coffee is deliciously strong and inexpensive, and the infamous mini donuts are the perfect brain food.

With extensive seating both inside and outside, Sheepdog Café has something for every student. And, if you're looking for a study break, the game room is surely a great distraction from your cramming.

7. Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters

Not only does Shenandoah Joe have free wifi, but they also have fantastic student discounts on the app, Hooked. You can get 50% off your coffee when you opt for Shenandoah Joe’s fresh drip, single origin coffee over all that questionable stuff you’ve been drinking.

They offer a variety of seating options from the bar to booths to outdoor tables. Wherever you’re most comfortable, you’ll do your best work, so make sure you give Shenandoah Joe’s a try when you need a break from those dreary library vibes.

8. Cafe Caturra

During the day, this well-known brunch spot is relatively quiet, so I suggest camping out with your research paper at their sofa table beneath the staircase. Be sure to test out one of their seasonal grain bowls for lunch. Then, for a snack, sample their “Share Plates” without actually sharing. It’s empowering, I promise.  

And, if you're just having one of those days, happy hour is from 3:30-6:30 everyday, so take your well-deserved break from studying at Cafe Caturra this exam season.

9. Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

My RA this year introduced me to this amazing study space. Twisted Branch is on the Downtown Mall, so it’s a great place for students that need to get away from the palpable stress of finals season on Grounds.

Don’t worry about your heavy backpacks, first-years, because the trolley can take you straight from Grounds to the Downtown Mall for a cup of tea. Twisted Branch offers a great change of pace and scenery that definitely increases efficiency.

10. The Juice Laundry

Just a short drive or walk from Grounds, Juice Laundry is the quiet study spot of every health-conscious student’s dreams. Offering a wide variety of juices, smoothies, and acai bowls along with a seasonal menu of salads and soups, Juice Laundry is a must-go when you are looking for a break from the Corner coffee shops. 

Surrounded by brain food around, you are bound to be far more productive than you are in a dark library snacking on goldfish

11. Milli Coffee Roasters

Looking to study outside the UVA bubble? Trade your apple and brie sandwich at Rising Roll for an apple, brie, and honey waffle from Milli Coffee Roasters.

This posh version of Panera is known for their waffles, roasts and brews, and an extensive selection of teas. It’s very quiet, which makes the spot great for studying and, after you nail that 4.0 GPA this semester, meeting future employers for job interviews.

#SpoonTip: Download the app “Hooked” for special offers and discounts at all of your favorite spots on the Corner and around Charlottesville.

12. Oakhurst Inn

Tucked between Nau Hall and the E-School on JPA, this little-known inn feels just like home. If you’re an early riser, check out Oakhurst Inn's boutique, tiny espresso bar, which opens at 7 am on weekdays and 8 on weekends.

Breakfast and lunch feature locally-sourced products. Looking for a power snack? The housemade coconut almond granola topped with seasonal berries is a must-try. For lunch, sample the gourmet sandwich selection and be sure to ask your server about the special grilled cheese and soup combo.

13. MarieBette

Walking into MarieBette is like your grandma giving you a giant hug. It is like you are back in her kitchen, surrounded by the aroma of sweet pastries and buttery breads.

There’s nothing like the warm promise of carbs to motivate you to finish your paper, so head over to MarieBette for the French pastries of your dreams and a break from the dreaded library. If there is a long wait for a table, order a breakfast sandwich from the bar and enjoy their outside seating. 

14. Take It Away

When studying for exams, sometimes the best way to stay focused is to get outside and get some fresh air. Combat the monotony of staring at your notes for hours on end with a delicious sandwich and bag of chips from Take it Away, don't forget the house dressing.

Enjoy your sandwich outside at one of their tables across the street, which double as a quiet study area on sunny days. Yes, Take It Away can get even greater than it already is.

Now, it's about time you stop procrastinating and start writing that paper that's due tomorrow.

As they'r always saying on HGTV, "it's all about location." Hopefully, with the help of this article, you've found your new favorite, and productive, study spot