Being a student is stressful. There’s always homework to be done and classes to attend, not to mention, being broke seems to be an inevitable quality. These restaurants get that. Here are some places that give you student discounts for just being you (aka a hard-working college kid). 

Dunkin' Donuts

America runs on Dunkin’, so obviously college students do, too. With 10% off your purchases, Dunkin’ Donuts is helping you satisfy that caffeine addiction one coffee at a time. 


Hungry for your favorite sub, but low on cash? Subway offers 10% off a total purchase with a valid student ID. Just flash that card and you’re good to go.

Buca Di Beppo

Italian food is always my jam, but sometimes these restaurants can be so expensive and fancy. Buca Di Beppo knows what students want. They’ve got all your fave pastas and pizzas plus 10% off your meal. Sign me up.

Burger King

Even though fast food isn’t always the healthiest, sometimes it’s just what you’re craving. Burger King makes it super affordable to satisfy those needs with discounts on their already low prices.


Can you say $5 student burrito? Because Qdoba most certainly can. Burritos are perfect on the go meals for all college students, so you should totally take advantage.


You can’t have a meal from any restaurant without having to buy a drink. Often you forget about it until you get up to the register, but at Chick-fil-A, they’ve got you covered. Get a free drink with a valid student ID.

Waffle House

Wanna know what makes me happy? Waffles. Wanna know what makes me happier? Ten percent off my waffle just cause I’m a student. Waffle House knows what’s up.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is my go-to place whenever I’m stressed out with classes and homework. There’s nothing better than some froyo to calm you down and keep you sane during the craziness of college, especially with special student meal deals.


Mexican food is known for its spice and flavor. So, Chipotle comes in clutch with a free drink for any and all students' meals.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Sometimes it can feel like an impossible task to get good meat on a college campus. Have no fear, Buffalo Wild Wings is your solution for any and all wings, plus you get 10% off, cause that’s just how much they love students.


I feel like fast food is a natural part of the college experience. Everyone is always in a rush and out of cash, but McDonald's knows that and they’re here to help. Take 10% off total purchases with a valid student ID—that’s always nice.

Pizza Hut

If I could survive off of eating solely pizza, I would. Pizza Hut makes me wanna try with 10-20% off your next pie with a valid student ID. They get me.

Taco Bell

No matter how you’re feeling, you can put those emotions in a taco. That’s the best part of Mexican food—but the second best part is that Taco Bell gives students 10% of purchases. That gives me all the feels. 

With your student ID, you can forget about the fact that you’re broke and just enjoy the perks of being in college (one of them being reduced priced food).