If you’re like me, every time you go to The Juice Laundry, you stand there struggling for five minutes trying decide what to order, then end up choosing what you get every time as you see the line growing behind you.

No one wants to hate a smoothie they spend $8 on, so this list goes out to all you smoothie lovers and health nuts who want to mix things up, but want to know what you’re getting yourself into. For those who like to balance out their gin and tonics and late night pizza with a nutrient-filled smoothie in the morning (I plead the fifth on this one), take notes.

Every smoothie can be made into a smoothie bowl topped with fruit and the best homemade granola (I eat it by the handful), so if you’re feeling hungrier, go for the bowl.

#SpoonTip: Chia seeds are free to add to every smoothie!

1. Coco Verde

Even people who swear they hate green smoothies (you know who you are) seem to flock to this one. It doesn't have a grainy texture or taste “too healthy” as many smoothies filled with kale and spinach often do, and it has the perfect level of sweetness. This is the best way to get your greens and enjoy yourself while doing it.

I’ve been to a ton of juice places, having spent the summer in New York City, and this by far takes the cake as the best green smoothie. You can also substitute the coconut water for almond milk if you like your smoothies creamier, or kombucha if you want a bit of a kick. This one is a must.

2. Bradley's CB&J

granola, muesli, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal
Izzi Weiss

If you haven't tried this smoothie, you are doing something wrong. Creamy cashew butter and dragonfruit are a great combination that give this smoothie a milkshake-like texture while still remaining light and flavorful. The strawberries and dates sweeten it up and the protein from the cashew butter guarantees you will not be hungry an hour later.

This is the perfect smoothie for when you want something fruity yet creamy, and is essentially the best and most unique upgrade to the classic strawberry-banana smoothie ever known to man. 

3. Blended Brew

The combination of gluten-free oats, cashew butter, and cold-brew coffee make this smoothie a must have. This is the perfect breakfast,  giving you your carbs, fiber, protein, and caffeine all in one delicious package. It's the type of smoothie that actually keeps you full and satisfied until lunchtime, and is my go-to post-workout meal of choice. This one is truly a 10/10.

4. Superman  

If you’re in the mood for a berry smoothie, this is your guy. The goji berries, blueberries and dragonfruit provide tons of antioxidants and create a berry flavor that is much more exotic than your typical berry combo. The banana and almond milk give it a slightly creamy texture, making this the ideal smoothie if you’re in the mood for something classic, but much, much better. 

5. Cacao Monster

milk, cheese, dairy, dairy product
Izzi Kornfeld

Most similar to Blended Brew, this is like a chocolate milkshake minus all of the calories. The cacao, cashew butter and banana make this smoothie taste like dessert, and this is easily my go-to when I want something sweet and chocolatey.

Having a bad day? Order this.

6.  Basil Bomb

I know what you’re thinking… basil in a smoothie? I was skeptical too at first, but after trying this, I genuinely want to add basil to everything. The strawberries and basil balance each other out with the sweetness from the fruit and the flavor of the herb. If you’re in the mood for something unique and fresh-tasting, I highly recommend mixing it up with this one. It’s different and really good. 

#SpoonTip: Add acai if you're eating it as a smoothie bowl.

7. The Blaze

If you like ginger, this one has your name written all over it. The ginger and cayenne make this smoothie ideal for when you’re feeling under the weather, or just want a little bit of spice in your life. The strawberry and mango provide vitamin C and balance out the spice of the smoothie. I especially love this one when I have a cold. It's like a three-day cleanse in one cup of goodness.

8. Tropic Energy

I might be biased, but I prefer my morning energy source to come from coffee. That being said, for non-coffee drinkers, this smoothie is the perfect way to start your day. The brewed guayusa will have you feeling awake in no time, and goes well with the mango and dragonfruit. If I ever tackle my coffee addiction, this smoothie would be my first stop on the road to recovery. 

9. Kid Dynamite

Okay, if you’re a picky-eater, a minimalist, or simply under the age of ten, order this. Just three ingredients—banana, dragonfruit and house cashew milk—make this simple and surprisingly satisfying.

In total transparency, these smoothies were extremely hard to rank. You really cannot go wrong at The Juice Laundry, and after actually trying each of their smoothies, I can safely say they are all delicious and made with fresh, organic, and mostly local ingredients. 

The Juice Laundry also has vegan soups, salads, oats and quinoa bowls, fresh juices and cold brew lattes. Their vegan chili and cold brew latte are two of my favorite things to eat in Charlottesville, and that is saying something.

Go support a local Charlottesville business, feel good about yourself for being healthy, and refer to this list when you want to switch things up.